Author Topic: Twisted Metal "kind of might work" on Kinect muses David Jaffe  (Read 1579 times)

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November 09, 2010, 03:05:10 pm

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Twisted Metal "kind of might work" on Kinect muses David Jaffe

The upcoming Twisted Metal from David Jaffe's Eat, Sleep, Play on Xbox 360 with Kinect? No of course not, but it still "kind of might work" for it.

Jaffe seems interested in theory, but he needs to try Joy Ride first to see what the "driving experience is with it." Fears kids' addiction to Kinectimals.

"No Twisted for KInect but I WAS standing in front of it 'air playing' it and it kind of might work. Need 2 try Joy Ride and see what the driving experience is with it. I just got the dance game, sports, Adventures, and Kinectamals," twittered Eat, Sleep, Play's Jaffe.

"Popped in Kinetimals for 5 min and had to take it out b4 my kids saw. It's a school nite, they'd be up all nite like they were with Eyepet last week! It's a game for next weekend! But it looked really cute- my kids will go ape sh*t for the cute factor."

No sorry there's no coup about to launch over at Jaffe's studio where he breaks exclusivity with Sony and the PlayStation 3 for Twisted Metal (it's out 2011) - it'll just have to be one of those sweet sounding 'what if' scenarios I guess.