Author Topic: Square Enix's lacklustre Q2 earnings  (Read 1316 times)

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November 05, 2010, 05:36:22 pm

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Publisher Square Enix has revealed its performance for the first half of this fiscal year as they post up their Q2 figures, and it's not so hot in the digits.

Sales and operating income were down, although the latter outperformed expectation thanks to past releases still going strong. 8.17m sales in total.

Yes the last 6 months haven't been the greatest for Square as sales fell to 68,056 million yen, noticeably down from last year's 90,561 million yen from the same period. Operating income tumbled from 13,091 million to 5,712 million yen this year for the period.

However that operating income figure managed to beat their forecast thanks to past glories still holding on among consumers. In total Square Enix has sold 8.17 million copies of games these past 6 fiscal months: JPN 2.84m, EU 2.71m and NA 2.48m.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, released exclusively in Japan, was their biggest performer. Here's the breakdown of game sales from Square:

• Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: 1.28 million (JPN)
• Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: 1.12 million (0.02 JPN, 0.39 NA, 0.71 EU)
• Final Fantasy XIV: 0.63 million (0.19 JPN, 0.21 NA, 0.23 EU)
• Just Cause 2: 0.56 million (0.05 JPN, 0.26 NA, 0.25 EU)
• Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: 0.51 million (0.01 JPN, 0.31 NA, 0.19 EU)

Just Cause 2 has sold in total 1.48m copies to date.