Author Topic: Saints Row keeps "outrageous" fun  (Read 1363 times)

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November 04, 2010, 12:54:52 pm

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Saints Row 3 from THQ and Volition maybe getting a huge tune up visually and in its overall tone, but it's definitely staying "outrageous and over the top".

The studio has "completely enhanced" the raw tech and it's "look and feel", but it stays true to its roots. THQ plan an "innovative marketing campaign".

"We expect the next instalment of Saints Row to be a significant growth driver in fiscal 2012. We've completely enhanced the technology, look and feel of this multi-million unit franchise while keeping its outrageous and over the top fun," said THQ boss Brian Farrell.

"We're developing an innovative marketing campaign including an extensive transmedia strategy for this title. We also plan to expand the Saints Row brand on Facebook, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, in addition to providing premium online content."

There are plans in motion for a Saints Row movie of all things, and then there's Saints Row: Drive By for Nintendo 3DS and for XBLA. Looking forward to the Row's return?