Author Topic: [Release] Jukebox for MaNGOS and Trinity | Works for repacks  (Read 1687 times)

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November 04, 2010, 06:05:59 am

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I couldn't find any good Jukebox model, so I used the tauren drummer instead, scaled and named it "Mini band". The options do not stick as I want them to, but its fine as it is atm.

    * Jukebox includes
    * Four movies
    * 600+ sounds, including Ulduar, Icecrown and main city zone musics.
    * No naming (The names appear as they are in the DBC files)
    * Stop music button.

     * You can find the sound list below. It should have all 3.3.5a sounds listed.
     * Sound ID's, locations and names

    * Jukebox Pics
    * Jukebox/Mini Band

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