Author Topic: DotA to continue despite DotA 2  (Read 1344 times)

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November 03, 2010, 10:12:56 am

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Dawn of the Ancients custodian programmer IceFrog has said that he plans to keep the Warcraft III mod "updated for as long as the community wants."

However he feels that DotA 2 "represents the long term future" of the series. Ensuring players can "quickly and easily" tell what's happening is priority.

"I plan to keep DotA updated for as long as the community wants. That being said though, I think that DotA 2 represents the long term future for the game," said IceFrog in an official DotA 2 FAQ. Some things will remain the same from the original mod.

"Gameplay is definitely the most important aspect, everyone on the team understands this concern. The number one priority is making sure players can quickly and easily tell what’s happening on the screen at all times."

"Fine tuning the right visual balance with each ability, effect, hero, etc., will be an ongoing process as the game is playtested and we get your feedback. A clean and understandable visual representation of the action is important to everyone from experienced players, spectators, to new players," they continued.

DotA is a custom scenario mod born from Blizzard's Warcraft III game, where the goal is to destroy the opposing team's Ancient with a crack squad of heroes you can level up and kit out. Game Powered Games' Demigod was inspired by DotA. Do you play?