Author Topic: Europe PS3 Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate can't 'Return to Ostagar'  (Read 4619 times)

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November 02, 2010, 05:31:26 pm

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BioWare confirms that human error is to blame for European PS3 copies of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition, as it's missing one piece of DLC.

It has not been "included correctly" on the disc, and despite being labelled as Return to Ostagar it is in fact the contents of another. Tech support!

PC and Xbox 360 owners I'm sure are having a few sniggering laughs at the poor expense of their PS3 counterparts. "As some players have reported, the Return to Ostagar DLC appears to not have been included correctly on the Euro version of the Ultimate Edition for PS3," posted producer Fernando Melo for Dragon Age.

"While there is a DLC listed with this name, it appears to be the contents of one of the other DLCs. Our sincere apologies for this error." BioWare offers a solution to the affected.

"If you purchased this version (near the bottom of the PS3 game box spine you should see a product id beginning with "BLES", followed by a number) - please contact EA customer support for your local region and they will be able to manually add the Return to Ostagar DLC to your EA account," said Melo.

"You will then be able to download this DLC from the PSN Store via the in-game Downloadable Content screen."

"Once EA support has done this, you can verify it is added to your account by checking the page. You will also be able to read the instructions for downloading this content by following the 'more info' link, as well as confirm this account is correctly linked to your PSN Name at the top of that page."

The Ultimate Edition includes Origins and all released DLC (The Stone Prisoner, Warden's Keep, Return to Ostagar, The Darkspawn Chronicles, Leliana's Song, The Golems of Amgarrak, and Witch Hunt) along with the expansion pack Awakening.