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October 25, 2010, 06:36:09 am

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The Patch has been released on Site for download !
Pls keep in mind that this is Open Beta and not everything works 100%.
We need you players to inform us on bugs etc .
Do not make anny suggestions about the gameplay we have it all worked out !
The Open Beta will last until the 1st of november !
After that time players who helped the most will be rewarded !
Down are the temp rates and Features list !

Enjoy ! ;D ;D ;D ;D


XP 20x
SP 20x
Party XP 1.2
Party SP 1.2
Adena 25x
Drop 15x
Spoil 4x
Enchant Rate : Retail Like
Blessed Enchant : Rate Retail Like
Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant Weapon -20
Max Enchant Armor -20
Max Enchant Jewelery -20


Buffer Spawned In Every Town (Magic Support With Limited Buff) 2h Buffs
Limited Buff Slots (24 Buffs + 4 Divine Inspiration)
12 Dance/Songs Slots
C/B Grade Items Buyable In Girans Castle Town Traders
Auto Learn Skills Inc. Level 81 & 83 Skills (No Forgotten Scrolls Needed)
98% Skills Done
1st, 2nd and 3rd Quest's Free (Pop-Ip Button Spawned On The Left Of your Screen)
All Clan Skills Fully Working
Level 11 Clan Support Working


Teleport Protection
Fortress sieges (Retail Like)
Castle sieges (Retail Like)
Olympiad Games (Retail Like)
All Grand Bosses (Retail Like)
All Normal Bosses (Retail Like)
Seed of Infinity Fully Working
Seed of Destruction Fully Working
Seed of Anihilation Fully Working
S/S80/S84 grade items Full functional
Vesper Recipes + Fabrics
Moirai Recipes + Fabrics
Skill Enchantment (Retail Like)
Jewel Augmentation (Retail Like)
PvP/PK Feed protection!(Retail Like)
Offline Shops - Enabled (Just Sit And Press Exit Game)


Team vs Team Event - Every 3 Hour's

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