Author Topic: Hold Up The Hype Train: New Hearthstone Hero Is A Reskin  (Read 3386 times)

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June 09, 2015, 10:06:57 am

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Recently, Blizzard posted a teaser story on the Hearthstone site that alluded to the landing of another legend in the amusement. Possibly it was an instance of the Internet taking a dubious (however deliberately so) message and running with it, yet the dominating hypothesis was that we'd get another warrior saint with an alternate legend power than Garrosh.

Quick forward to today and the genuine uncover is, to quite a few people, not as much as fulfilling. The new saint is Magni Bronzebeard, who offers new acts out, visual impacts on his legend force, and another card back, however no gameplay that is any not the same as Garrosh. He's the first in what will presumably be various substitute legend skins, and will offer for $9.99 every in the Hearthstone store.

I don't think the vast majority have an issue with Blizzard offering interchange, non-gameplay-influencing skins for saints, particularly so not long after in the wake of discharging a good piece of substance in Blackrock Mountain. Yet, I think this is a situation where they attempted to get verging on excessively "adorable" with their showcasing. On the off chance that the Magni uncover exited the blue today, without the lead-in story from yesterday, it would have been fine. Rather, despite the fact that it was stand out day, Blizzard permitted player desires to be thrown together into a free for all over something that wasn't almost as fascinating as what players cooked up. Goes to demonstrate that even the enormous young men can blunder occasionally.

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