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January 12, 2013, 02:03:26 am

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Basic Information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Basic Experience Rate                        =     10kx
Job Experience Rate                           =     10kx
Normal Drop Rate                                 =     50%
Normal Card Drop Rate                        =     30%
MVP Drop Rate                                      =     20%
MVP Card Drop Rate                             =    15%
YGG Seed/Berry Drop Rate                 =     50%
WoE Treasure Chest Drop Rate          =     5%
Max Base/Job Level                             =     150/50
Max Aspd                                               =     193
Renewal Server                                    =     Yes
PK Server                                              =      Yes
Renewal Casting                                   =      No
Doppelganger Card stackable effect =      No           

Custom NPC

Job Changer
- To choose your desired job in instant by getting the requirements job and base level.

- To warp on any fields, dungeons, towns, guild castles and special areas.

- To heal yourself in full health in instant and repair all your broken items.

- To change your appearance.

Universal Rental
- To get your cart, peco peco, falcon or warg.

Item Mall
- To get all the basic items you need.

PvP Arena
- To test your strength and boost your ego.

Relics Exchanger
- To exchange your relics that you have won from WoE or Event.

vPoints Exchanger
- To exchange your vPoints to Rift Points.

Rift Points Shop
- To spend to Rift Points for great items.

Goblin Invasion Event
- It's an automated event that you have to kill every single Goblin that invaded a town and get rewarded if you killed the Leader. Every hour there's a 50% chance of activating this event.

Dail Quest Board
- To earn Rift Points, Zeny and Items daily with 3 Difficulties. Easy Mode, Medium Mode and Hard Mode and the harder the quest is the more rewards you will get. all cooldown will reset on every 12AM.

- To broadcast your Selling/Buying or any other reason. You need 5,000 Rift Points to use this broadcaster and it has 1minute cooldown to be able to use again. It is disabled during WoE session.

- 4 dungeon room filled with MVP Bosses but you need a Bossnia Passport to enter.

Lottery Manager
- To win 500 Donation Credits every month. You can buy the ticket from this npc and it's limited to 1 ticket per day with account and ip address. The more ticket you have the more chances you can win the lottery.

Rift Points System
- Is a currency for an exclusive items available in Rift Points Shop you can get Rift Points by killing a player in PvP Arena or WoE castles and from an event or npc.

Ancient Relics
- An item that you can exchange to Rift Points.

Treasure Hunting
- Is an event that you have to find the treasure from Heiron City. For every hour there's a 50% chance of activating this event.

Player Commands
@commands: Displays a list of commands that you can use.   

@help: Shows help for specified command. 

@time: Shows the date and time of the server.

@main: Sends message to main chat.                                   

@autoloot: Makes items go straight into your inventory.     

@go: Warps you to a city.                                           

@feelreset: Resets a Star Gladiator's marked maps.   

@autotrade: Allows you to vend while you are offline. 

@jailtime: Displays remaining jail time.             

@credits/@cd: Displays current credit balance.

@riftpoints/@rp: Displays current rift points.

@pvpstats: Displays current kills and deaths.

@storage: Opens your Kafra storage. 

@alootid: Makes a specific item id go straight into your inventory. 

@request: Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system). 

@mobinfo/@mi: Shows monster info (stats, exp, drops etc).

@iteminfo/@ii: Shows item info (type, price etc).             

@duel, @invite, @accept, @reject, @leave: Duel-organizing commands.     

@noks: Toggles Kill Steal Protection.               

@whodrops: Shows who drops an item (monster with highest drop rates).

@whereis: Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns. 

@hominfo: Displays homunculus stats in different formats.     

@homstats: Displays homunculus stats in different formats. 

@warp: Warps to the specified map. If no coordinates are entered, a random location will be chosen.

@toalli: Enable to chat with your guild alliance.

Promotional Codes
You can get all our running codes from our facebook page and you have to redeem it from our website you have to login to redeem the items.

Player Ranking
The ranking will be depending on your current Rift Points and it can be seen from our website

Guild Ranking
The ranking will be depending on your guilds Rift Points. The Rift Points will not be erased even after using it. You can view our Guild Ranking from our website

Search System
You can search any players or a guild using their names, jobs and etc to view their profile. You can visit our Search System from our website

Vote for Points
You can earn your vPoints by voting to server in our website. You must be logged in for the vPoints be credited to your account.

Items/Mobs Database
This feature is currently under construction and will be soon able to use.

You can earn Donation Credits by using the link in your referral and be find in our website and send it  to your friends and he/she must register using it. It's limited to 1 IP and account per referral. It will be under review by the admin.

more features coming soon.