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October 20, 2012, 09:37:54 am

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SMS Shop:

We are Counter-Strike 1.6 community. Since 18 october, 2009

At the moment we have:

dd2 only [connect] 24 slots
deathrun [connect] 18 slots
base builder [connect] 21 slot
hide n seek [connect] 18 slots
war3ft + dm 25lvl [connect] 21 slot
surf [connect] 21 slot
gungame [connect] 21 slot

2nd hosted server is down, so few servers may doesn't work.

In all servers is posibilty to buy VIP both ACCESS. At the moment only way how to do it is via sms. But contacting with administration of course via paypal a.o way's.

All servers are VAC secured.


In case we are social too:

Forum (

Our forum has international section that will be improved.
Where active we have competitions in our servers both clanwars versus other communities 10 vs. 10.
Our forum sections is about almost all topic's that you can even think of.

In december is prognozed a new web design with new option a.o nice staff's so join us now! :)