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September 15, 2012, 07:03:32 am

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Exp - 99999 Maximal
Drop - 50 Perfect EXC item drop!
Spots - HUGE for fast levelUP :)
Points per Level - 50/60/70 +10 :)
Rates - 100%
Balanced PVP
100 New sets 500 new wepons 10 new wings

All box +1+2+3+4+5
All Jewels (bless soul chaos...)
All wings (1,2,3,4 LVL)
New items Exc
Lorencia FULL with shops
And lot of more crazy items :)
Every mounth 5000 Free credits for ALL
Every day 1000 Free credits in Vote reward
20000 Free credits if we are in top10 xtrmetop!
Referal sytem 2000 Free credits per user
Grand reset 50,000 Free credits

We give 10 GM from S4 server!
We search more 40 GM so it can be YOU!
GM every week receive 50,000 Free credits for events :)
Gm panel in Website :)

Join now and tell your friends about us :)

Master system resets again receive a point for the tree branches Reset master level, normal or not reset stats.
Summer Event: 100%
Gens System: 100%
Medusa Event: 100%
Castle Siege: 100%
New Golden invasions: 100%
SkillTree of Summoner: 100%
SkillTree All characters: 100%
Imperial Guardian and Double Goer: 100%
Sockets new level 1 to 5: 100%
Blue Event: 100%
Trunks 100% Extra
Extra Guild Trunks! 100%

How to get credits for free?
1.Vote in reward sytem.
2. If we wil be in top5 xtremetop100 (all will receive 10k credits.)
3.Like us in facebook (one lucky "Like" gets10k every day)
4.Retweet messege (10k every day)
5.CSM event in forum!
6. Refferal system! (Invite your friends, for every friend that spend 12h in server you will get 1500 credits.)

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 605e Processor 2.3GHz
Port / bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s port
Host Location: USA, East coast.

More servers coming soon :)

If you want your own server we will make it :) more info in web :)
more info:

If your not intrested just pleas vote here: