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October 02, 2010, 03:44:21 pm

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1. OK, lets start by creating a 320x100 document with white background in photoshop. Then Press "D" on your keyboard to have your colors reseted.

Posted Image

2. Go to "Filter/Render/Clouds".

Posted Image

You will have something similiar to this:

3. Create a new layer. Then get the brush tool, and start brushing with black color on the layer.

4. Create new layer, change your color from black to white, and start brushing again.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 few times, each time using different brushes, untill you are satisfied with your result. This is what I got:

Render and Colors

1. First, you need a render image. I will use this one:

2. Open your render in photoshop, and drag it onto your signature. Scale it down in size, and position it as you wish.

3. In the "layers" window, click on "create new fill or adjustment layer", and then choose "Color Balance"

4. Choose your favorite color, and click OK. I used these settings to get a nice purple color.

Posted Image

The result:

Text and border

1. Now let's put some text on the signature.
Get the type tool (press "T" on the keyboard), choose a font you prefer, and type your name on the signature with white color.

2. In the layers window, click on "add a layer style", and then choose "Outer glow"

3. Apply these settings:

This is what my signature looks like now. Yours should not be too different:

4. Create a new layer, and with the pen tool, draw a 1 pixel black border arround the signature. Then under that border, draw another one with white color.

5. Your signature is pretty much complete now. Don't be afraid to play around in photoshop changing things. After adding some effects, this is my final product:

Well, that's it. I hope it helps.