Author Topic: [AD] TitanMu S6E3 [real 4lvl wings] [9 new jewel types] [Exp9999] CREDITS FOR FR  (Read 2912 times)

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April 30, 2012, 07:35:13 pm

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Nr.1 server is back!
Exp 9999 (easy to lvl up)
Drop 50 (dont need lot of sh*t)
PPL 50 (+10 next class)

In Shop...
ALL Box of kundum
Wings 1,2,3 lvl
All jewels (Bless,soul,life...)
Quest,event items pets e.c.t
What new in our server?
In shops only excelent items
In event reward items +15 +all options
Only spots all over server
New items 130 sets and wepons
Real 4lvl wings
Full working events quests ect...
F.O +15 in shops for RF
Kundums in all maps (drops f.o items)
Credits for FREE
...More keep in secret...

if not intrested please vote here:

Master system resets again receive a point for the tree branches Reset master level, normal or not reset stats.
Buffer botpet new system, trader and botpet botpet alchelmyst: 100%!
Summer Event: 100%
Gens System: 100%
Medusa Event: 100%
Castle Siege: 100%
New Golden invasions Season 5 Episode 4: 100%
SkillTree of Summoner: 100%
SkillTree All characters: 100%
Imperial Guardian and Double Goer: 100%
Sockets new level 1 to 5: 100%
Season 6 Ep 1  Complete: 100%
Blue Event: 100%
Trunks 100% Extra
Extra Guild Trunks! 100%
0 LAG!