Author Topic: How to get more players on your server / site  (Read 3536 times)

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February 28, 2012, 08:47:50 am

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How to get more players on your site / server.

Your Website:

/- The website should look attractive for users.
/- The website should look professional to users.
/- The website should be usefull and easy.
/- Everything should be easy to find for users

Your Server:
/- Your server should have 24/7 Uptime.
/- Your server should be hosted on quality equipement.
/- Your server should have a decent connection, so players won't get lag.
/- Dedicated servers


/- Advertising is a must!
/- You can buy an advertising spot or all spots, the more the better!
/- Try this: Cheap Gaming Advertising on Oxigen Top100

/- You should add your site to this toplists:

Private servers list
Private servers toplist

How topsites work:
/- You add your server to the topsite
/- You receive a banner/button  code
/- Put the banner on your website
/- When people click the banner your ranking on the topsite increases
/- The higher your ranking is, the easier people will find your server on the toplist
/- High ranking = a lot of new players

Good luck!

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