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About the Metin2Master world:

EXP: 400%
Yang: 400%
ItemDrop: 400%
Temp upped!
Dedicated Server! Very High Specs! (I dont know them)
1 Gbit up/down speed. Own Dedicated Developing TEAM!

The Metin2Master’s world begins in an entirely new and different place. The Map1 cities are revamped, new building, new look, new NPC-s and with this new possibilities opened.

Every character starts with +9 basic equipment and a level 11 horse. After the first level you receive a quest for what significant amount of reward is awarded. Compared to your level, 50% or more experience is rewarded at some quests. You get the opportunity to buy every item in the city which helps you level faster and easier. Bravery Cape, Third Hand, Experience Ring is all buyable for Yang. At the same place, various items for weapon, armor and skill upgrades can be bought.

New level 30 weapons can be acquired from the Orc Leader Chest, which can be obtainable from killing him, or can be bought from the Item-Shop. The King armor can be bought at the same place that gives huge protection. It is usable at level 50. Buy reaching this level everyone gets a quest where a choice can be made between two Order. The two Order’s names are the Warriors of Light and the Dark Powers. Later with the help of the Orders, the DragonLizzard mount can be obtained and some more quests.

All kinds of Chests can be bought from the Item-Shop, from which new weapons, armor, items for upgrades can be opened and cannot drop in-game. In these chests you can find two new mounts, the Hell Steed and the Unicorn. In Mystery Chests you can find an Old King Armor or Master Weapons. The Old King Armors can be further upgraded into Master Armor. All of the Boss Chest can be bought from the Item-Shop or dropped from the Bosses. The Reaper Gods Chest contains the level 95 weapons, which can be bought from the Item-Shop. The Damned Souls Chest drops from metin and not from a boss. These chests also contain powerful items, with which items can be upgraded, plus level 81 shields, the new 65-72 level shoes, master accessories, new mounts and some powerful trinkets.

There are possibilities to ad different power ups to every character. These power ups are gained by completing Runestone gathering quests. There are 25 types of Runestone in the game, which can be found in Runestone Chests. At every 10 levels you get a new Runestone quest for a specific Runestone type. Search for the DragonGod Priest in the city for the quests.

Upgrading the level 66 Armor after +9 will transform it into an Epic Armor which can be good for the new Minotaur King’s land. Because the in game max level is 250, we made more maps to reach these levels. At level 90 you can enter the Land of the Dead at Beatrice NPC. In this area you can find level 100 metins and level 100 mobs plus a Reaper God boss. The Damned Chest can drop Damned Souls Chest! Here every Empire can found its own city. New ores and new Red, Blue Potions can be bought. On this map even level 120 is reachable. At level 110 players can enter the Minotaur Kings Land and level even further. Because it’s a labyrinth map there is no map to look at. First you’ll find green fields with monsters later you’ll enter the red carpet corridors. On the end of the corridors you can enter the throne room of the Minotaur King where you can kill the King if you’re strong enough. From this room you can enter the Dragon Lord’s lair. This boss can drop scepters for the Dragon Lizard caller and if your member of the Order, they will forge the scepter pieces together.

Some pictures:

Dragon Lizard mount:

Dragon Lord boss:

Minotaur King boss:

Unicorn mount:

Hell Steed mount:

Level 100 Metin stone:

Master Armors:

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