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Final Fantasy - Inferno

Beta testing of new core instant max level and items .NO WIPE AFTER BETA , Join Us Now !

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Final Fantsay XI free to play privet server

Server rates 4x exp 1.5x move speed 3million start gil Auction house stocked 100 gil per itemAll other Rates are retailGame is currently up to Dec 2012 We are up to retail in terms of contentThe npcs are all there Server type:Dedicated CPU:Quodcore 2.4ghz Ram:8GB Con:1GB

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final fantasy server

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Nasomi Community FFXI Server - Free!

Classic era FFXI fun! CoP/ToAU expansions enabled, no abyssea/wotg. Jobs up through dancer and blue mage. 95% of content through CoP complete. Dedicated failover cluster with shared storage for 99% up time and no lag. Join us and party like it's 2005!

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Fireflytart - FFXI Private server

Join our friendly community. with 3.0x EXP Rates, 10k Gil start and weekly community events! Expansions up to Wings of the goddess. Join now to get involved in the fun!

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Final Fantasy - Over Limit

Over limit is the best server out there ! The rates are 9999x with beast website features, professional staff and lot more. Join Us Today ! Or you'll come later...

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Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

9999 / 999 / 999 REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100% BUG free, ### protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Helpful community, Real 500+ online players. Join NOW!

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Ultimate Final Fantasy

Ultimate Free Final Fantasy PvP Server - Exp 10x Drop 15x Quest 10x, All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP Mid Rate Server, Skill Auto Learn, All Working Pets, Skills, Quests, NPCs, MOBs, Instances, Good Support Join Now

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