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What is Dragonica online?
Dragonica is a Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Action Game (MMORPG) created in a cute manga anime style allowing you to experience a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures, epic battles, unique characters and everlasting adventure. You and your friends will explore far away exotic lands on the most incredible adventures imaginable!

Dragonica - Paper Plane

Real 9999x rates, fully working and updated server, professional Game Masters, and also we're looking for new Game Masters. Join Us Now and you will no regret !

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Dragonica Revenge - dragonica online

Dragonica Revenge, newest dragonica online private server, latest patch, up to date, lag free, new realm, large community, newly added pets, EXP Rate 99x, 2000x

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Dragonica Shiva

If you have already played in Dragonica you may know how it's boring grind f7 for level ups. You will not be bored here, because we are developing a new system exp. You'll get additional exp in mission maps and so you'll forget about the boring grind. Rate: x5 Exp x5 Drop x5 Gold

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DragonSaga Galaxia

EXP x1 (Free potion x8 in cash market). Gold x5. Drop x5. Max lvl 85. Chain Combo. Race Event. Abyss Arena. RO Features. New Elemental Dungeon and Weapon. Duel system. No critical damage limit. No dodge limit. Custom dungeon galaxy (galaxy set 85 lvl). New PvP map. http://youtu.be/_ZAvJtdKJ1w?list=UUISGmc1_O4LCwCjDDPcH41w

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Royal-DGN Pserver

New Pserver (Ch3)Rates 20 15 50 More Features! Ch4 items, Rebirth, Gold to Cash, F7 Unlocker, Vote 4 Cash 4x 250 Cash, F7 Changes, New Royal Weapons, invisible Job Level system

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Dragonica Elemental Guardians

EXP X800 GOLD DROP X750 ITEM DROP X700 ,Latest server files Elemental Guardians (v0.914.154) Three Battle Square x day, 24 Hs. Ranking Mode. Boost soul farming, new race and mounts New lvl gap 30 lvls and anti hackers system Free stuffs, promotions, an active staff and a lot of events JOIN NOW

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Dragonica - Legends at War

9999x / 999x / 99x rates [3 servers], Latest OFFICIAL server files, 100 % bug and ### free, professional game masters, activity reward system, FREE to PLAY, NO DONATION SERVERS, AND LOTS OF NEW ITEMS AND CONTENT.

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