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Server Information Rate: 50 xp 50 sp 250 adena Boss: 2x Enchant: 80% Blessed Scroll Enchant: 80% Divine Scroll Enchant: 100% Safe: +4 Max. Enchant: +18

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Rated: 3/5

10, Oct 2015 02:17
Great instghi. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 00:23
If that is true (I'm not aware of it and I have a blood elf enchanter at over 400 skill) then all you shluod need to do is get a large prismatic shard and double click on it to turn it into three small ones and vice versa. I know blood elves have a +10 to enchanting though I have yet to find out the benefit of that other than having 10 points of enchanting I didn't have to raise. Not sure about any recipes for 460 skill.

Rated: 3/5

03, Oct 2015 15:10
WoW Enchanting profession quoteisn?i was reading up a little guide on getting enchanting up and i read; 335-340There is an alternative way, but only Blood Elves can benefit from it. Due to their Racial Ability it allows them to gain 10 free skill ups by converting a Large Prismatic Shard into three Small Prismatic Shards and back again. This way a Blood Elf can skill up from 335 to 345 using one single Large Prismatic Shard. i dont understand what that means =S, and im a bloodelf with 335 enchanting.

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