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Final fantasy-based online MMORPG! Register today! Free to play!

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Rated: 3/5

10, Oct 2015 02:17
A piece of erioitudn unlike any other!

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 00:23
I wholeheartedly agree, great post!I have been pilnayg Torchlight for the better part of this summer biding my time until they release the second installment. While they require you to beat the game once to unlock the Shadow Vault (an infinite dungeon), maps are sold at vendors in the town that you can do anytime, outside the main quest. Everything level is randomly generated which adds a lot to the replayability (that may not be a real word). Being able to do whatever I want is really the only reason I am still pilnayg it.

Rated: 3/5

03, Oct 2015 15:18
Hello there! It's nice to see you. :) I'm definitely ientresetd in joining the CW Dream again. I haven't been playing Furcadia recently for lack of things to do, but I want to return. :) Sign me in!

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