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The Blacksmith Mu website has been developed from scratch! It contains all the important functions that a Mu server needs plus many more features specially designed for our server. As for the game, it has its own quest system, many commands, custom events etc. A regeneration of the old amazing Mu!

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Rated: 3/5

27, Jul 2014 22:25
I think by the new patch' you mean Cataclysm, the new expansion back. I asmuse this because a lot of previous quitters (or people getting bored of the game) are thinking of coming back/staying for Cataclysm because it looks great, and they absolutely should.If your bored, try taking a little break. However I think you should give Cataclysm a chance, it's going to be absolutely game changing, literally and metaphorically.About your computer, just because your computer is slow doesn't mean you need a new one. Just try to clean up some non essentials and keep your graphics on low settings for as many things as you can. Also many sure nothing else is open while playing like internet browsers or any other applications.3,000 dollars is a hefty amount of money to spend on a computer. You shouldn't need to spend over 1500 and thats if your still getting a really nice computer. Don't buy a computer specifically for gaming just for World of Warcraft. Just get a normal home/office computer that can handle World of Warcraft but is more for school work or other documents because World of Warcraft isn't that demanding of a game where a complete professional computer is needed. Save your money [url=]ixqsqhxkt[/url] [link=]suauwp[/link]

Rated: 3/5

26, Jul 2014 06:25
World of Warcraft performance tips Share this:Email Pin ItShare on TumblrDiggPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Filed Under: PC Performance, Storage, Tips Tagged With: deotegmantarifn, fragmentation, optimization, storage, World of Warcraft, WoW Must-Have Back To School Software

Rated: 3/5

25, Jul 2014 02:17
From my 9 year player staonpdint, the developer we know as GrimmOmen has been a great communicator, both in game and on forums, has taken everything the sometimes not so tactful folks threw at him, and came out the gentleman that he is. I hope him every success possible, we love and admire him and we will miss him terribly. Words cannot convey the sad feeling I have knowing he won't be around any more.

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