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[V5725] Assassins will soon be release d, Awesome Community - U hosted Game, All Class Fully Working, Alt Gear, Guild Arsenal, Arena Qualifier, SubClasses, DemonBox, ClanPk, Donation PkWar, TeamPk and New Qustes and events

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Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 11:46
Okay, so she's gone from vampire/goth wrtiing to full-on horror. I'm sure this is going to be scarier than your typical Stephen King novel, but I don't know that the genre is ready for her particular angle. Even that note and the blurb from your initial post seem to be causing more distress than anticipation like you'd normally see from an established author.

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 05:31
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Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 01:09
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Rated: 3/5

03, Oct 2015 14:12
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