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Decouvrez Play For Fun ! Serveur unique en son genre ! Decouvrez plein de nouveautees, et ajout unique en terme de système ! Vous devez decouvrir ce serveur, sinon vous allez passer a cote de quelquechose !

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Rated: 3/5

10, Oct 2015 02:16
Hot damn, loikong pretty useful buddy.

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 00:22
I had an addiction 2 this is wat u do1. make u parnet download something that gives u a cirten amount of time 2 play when the time is up then it wont let u loge on for the rest of the day!2. When u feel like playing trun the computer off right away!3. If nothing works then buy movies, music and candy/chocolat and do it or eat it when u wanna play the computer Hope this helpsReferences : Runescape play lol addicted

Rated: 3/5

03, Oct 2015 14:50
I don't know why it's so addicting but I was adticded to it myself for a few years.eventually i cut off my internet access and went cold turkey, it was hard but I got through it.I suggest you move your PC into a family room, get it out of the bedroom where you'll always be tempted.the hard part is if you're like me, all your friends are online too, so it's harder to quit, try to organise a day with them outside of the house, like to the movies or go paintballing.if you really do want to quit talk to your parents about it, they'll be able to help you too.try chaning your net access to dialup speeds, that'll put a choke on online gamingReferences : adticded to Warcraft for 2 years

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