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New server files , latest updates , 2 servers normal 200x and FUN 9999x , automatic reward system , friendly GM , starter items , No BUGS , No HACKERS . Come and join US !

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Rated: 5/5

28, Aug 2013 04:00
once again the hardest qsuiteon for a mmorpg gamer .. what is the best mmorpg?? list pros and cons about the games you put down most games in order from best to last gets 10 pointsim looking for a new on to play ok if you put world of warcraft and fucking lie about how people take from WoW no they dont because guild wars, runescape all of those game out before WoW just became famosu tho

Rated: 5/5

24, Aug 2013 05:34
Well, first, it's a fun game. Second, as your character lelves, it becomes increasingly more important to groups and instances if say, your character were a class leader in your guild, or if your character had many swanky items, you would be pulled towards going on in the game rather than falling back and wasting what you have.It's also that the game is remarkably easy which gives people a chance to keep trying and progressing.However, as an ex-WOW player, I have to say that the addictive element is only fun for so long. I've been WOW-free for just over a year, and it's refreshing. The last time I played was when my brother was home. I ran around a little bit and turned it back over. It's too easy to get hooked again

Rated: 5/5

20, Aug 2013 12:01
As an ex wow player i would say that its a game that from the begin it needs a lot of plaiyng until you finish leveling. On the other hand the real game starts when you terminate the leveling. With my saying i mean that when you are in this stage you can get access to more teamplay like raids, where about 10 or 25 people force their strength to kill mobs. Its kind of interesting dont you think so? There is the part where you get addicted. The more you play the more you need to go, so there is no point of plaiyng so many hours because even that way its impossible to become the best or finish the game, because it cant be finished. Thats why Blizzard had so much wealth from this game and thats why people play total 6 years with 3-15 hours gameplay per day.

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