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EXP X800 GOLD DROP X750 ITEM DROP X700 ,Latest server files Elemental Guardians (v0.914.154) Three Battle Square x day, 24 Hs. Ranking Mode. Boost soul farming, new race and mounts New lvl gap 30 lvls and anti hackers system Free stuffs, promotions, an active staff and a lot of events JOIN NOW

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Rated: 3/5

04, Dec 2015 15:27
Groupon and Monster are't really media cmopanies. I'm not even sure that ad agencies should qualify in the same category as Viacom or Time Warner. Totally different business model.

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 11:45
i was 14 and when i was 14 and when dragonica came out i pleayd it .i was stupid because normally in real life gladiators are prisoners from rome and are really weak and knights are armored´╗┐ warriors i thought that gladiators in the game were the same as in real life and i chose knight lol .but now im 17 and i realized that knights sucked and the gladiators were actually overpowered .How stupid LOL Was this answer helpful?

Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 05:30
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Rated: 3/5

09, Oct 2015 01:08
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Rated: 3/5

03, Oct 2015 13:50
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