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Ep5 based PvP server with custom lapis, weapons, accessories, edited mobs, full ep5 (edited for more fun) skills, fast exp (150x normal, 300x weekeneds), and also a 100% max linking / extract rate. Friendly Active staff with lots of events! Many items free in the item mall including beginners accessory set to get a fast start!

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Rated: 1/5

06, Feb 2012 18:53
gear as much as you want...is just too boring. to many people begging for pvp against light. Lights are GM rerolled and god linked. Full rec tanks and linked dying from 10k crits from fighters

Ding Aling
Rated: 2/5

27, Jan 2012 10:44
Great server, but gets boring once your geared up. Most people are running both factions at same time for pvp. so wayyy to many AFK people in raids. But no one will kick afkers. Too many Rec players. Cause of the lapis. too many orcs and no real players. 5k defense means NO ONE dies unless you want to play a warr or sin/hunter.

Rated: 5/5

10, Jan 2012 09:33
Personally I think Shaiya Enigma should be number 1 on the top 100 shaiyas because not only are the staff active but the server has allowed new people to get strong in the game without losing it and donating with no other choice

Rated: 5/5

23, Nov 2011 04:27

Sean D
Rated: 5/5

03, Nov 2011 17:10

Rated: 5/5

17, Oct 2011 09:28
Excellent server

Rated: 5/5

30, Sep 2011 21:36
I like that the Server's Stuff don't like Stat Padding and they are always there when you need them. When they hold a MM it is a Mega monster Madness it last atleast 2 hours continuously. It's a GRATE server which worth your effort.

Rated: 5/5

28, Sep 2011 05:00
This server has a great staff does not like stat padding, does loads of events and makes them different times of day to include everyone. When they hold a MM it is a Mega monster Madness it last hours. Whoot got love it here! best server yet!

Rated: 5/5

11, Sep 2011 02:03
I love the fact the staff does not tolerate stat padding. The staff are very active within the community. If you have a suggestion, they'll take it, just have to not be an asshole about it. Getting the 70's gears is a bit hard, but it doesn't make to much of a difference in pvp. 65-69 gears are still really good as well.

Rated: 5/5

12, Aug 2011 22:04
Wonderful server! Wonderful, friendly staff, who are very responsive. If there is a problem they get right on it. all the skills works, pvp is pretty good, lots to do even when not pvping, bosses spawn pretty fast, awesome customization, interesting new bosses :)

Rated: 5/5

08, Aug 2011 23:09

khor emil
Rated: 5/5

03, Aug 2011 09:33
great sever.. Staff very accommodating.. Even the items and item mall freebies are awesome.. You can't ask for more. two thumbs up.. :)

Rated: 5/5

27, Jul 2011 10:12
Wonderful staff, very personable. Great customization, gets better every day and each week. Server is going to a dedicated server so more stability. Wonderful new server that keeps getting better and better

Rated: 5/5

25, Jul 2011 07:14
great staff, awesome new and different server

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