Shaiya Demolidor

Servidor EP4.9 com Exp 4x, repleto em novidades e totalmente em Português, Aps muito mais acessíveis. Venha se divertir com a gente e desfrute do melhor servidor privado Brasileiro.

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Astral Shaiya: Fall Into A New Universe!

Astral Shaiya is an Ep5.4 PvP/PvE Server With Ep6-Ep7 Content! Lvl 70 Cap, x10 PvP Kills! We include: Custom Gear/Items (Now Submit Your Own Idea And See It Created!) Ep6 Minimaps, Updated/Custom Drops, Events For All Time Zones, And Most Importantly, A Good Time For Everyone! Join Astral Shaiya! Like Us On Facebook:

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☉ Shaiya Wild: Episode 6.4 ☉ 2PvP Areas: 15-80 ☉ Game Server: Online ☉ EXP Rate: Instant Level ☉ KILL Rate: x100 ☉ Max Lapis Lv8 ☉ Ending Equipments FREE ☉ FREE 30 Day's Consumables

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Shaiya Exile - Best

The longest running Shaiya private server-Everything drops in game-Great PVP, many Admin and staff events-Rank Share , Battlefield Runes , instant lapis switching , Custom Gear and costumes,easy farming,always adding new content. Friendly and experienced Admin, always available for you on Skype.

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Unstable CO | Old School 5065 Server

NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate/DWar - 5065 Patch - 130 Max - 2nd Reborn - High Performance US Server - Play to Win - Classic Style - Grind Hard - Server is a test server for C# experimentation and learning, probably will remain 5065 indefinitely.

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CoEmu PvP Conquer Online Last Version

[Version 6000+][CPs 999mil Free][VIP 6 Free][Free stuff+12][Events online 24/24][Server no lag][New class Dragon Warrior][Server Online 24/24][Nobolity rank][Join Us]

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Demons Online Reloaded (Standared/Extreme)

* 2 type of ###s (Standard and Extreme!) * We operate since march 2009 * Everything totally unique (daily and weekly races, Advanced Beast Invasion, Star bursters, Own PK Tournament Version) * over 100 of unique suits * over 120 unique mounts and pets!

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GTA IV:MULTIPLAYER Present's: Central Park GANG Wars Mod @ 2011-2015 || Pick a team, get a job, sell drugs and more: get a life ! || Client: iv:mp 0.1 T3 || Server: || Website: www.centralparkgangwars.c­om || Facebook: || Youtube Channel:

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Shaiya Noxius New Shaiya Private Server

Shaiya Noxious new EP 5.4 PvP /PvE server , farming , up to 60 80% free in item mall , grinding up to level 70 , active staff and friendly, and daily events so come here at us we are waiting you !

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Free runescape accounts We have the best stock of unused high level free runescape accounts giveaways here! that were either obtained by donations or runescape accounts for trade. Best of all, we offer these runescape accounts to you, completely free of charge!

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Silkroad Online GoPlayNetwork

Silkroad - The Origin BETA is now online... New website design is up and functioning... Server: online We are still testing some issues. Forum is not activated yet..

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Shaiya FireRose

Basiert auf Ep 5.8 mit Ep6 Maps/Dungeons/Mobs/rustungen und brand neuen Waffen. Mini Maps in 3D und auch auf den neuen Maps, frisch renoviertes AH. Max lvl 90, XPBoost 300%, killBoost x5. Alles erfarmbar, auch, was in der IGM ist. D-Bufflapis, MaxStat-Gutscheine, FRP-Gutscheine zum droppen. FRP furs voten. Events und ein super Team uvm.

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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Freeshard

UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] [ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 4 years! Over 250+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community

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Shaiya Liberty 4.5

Episode 4.5 / / Kill Rate x20 ( 30x at Events ) / / Easy Farm / / 80% Free Server // Debuff and Absorption Lapis / / Daily Naked and MM Events / / Friendly Staff ! Join Us Now !

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KO4Life - Knight Online

A Knight Online community. Join us today and participate in discussions, advertise your items for sale or purchase items from other users. Advertise your own server today! Share guides or use the current guides we're offering!

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Eternal Wars

Well Established Game with Astonishing Entertainment. Gain over 5,000,000 levels, defeat monstrous creatures and beasts for gold and item drops, buy new weaponry and armor, chat, do quests, and trade with other friendly online players, become God and Much more!

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Shaiya Havoc PvP Server

Shaiya Havoc pvp server-no donations-get your starter gear in auction house and item mall-New weapons etc... a whole new experience of awesomeness.

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X- Treme Dungeons Online Unlimited PvP

Exp10000x , Skill10000x , Craft10000x , Free Premium , Reset 10rr MAX , TG , ALL Costumes , NEW Items , NEW Skills , NEW Map's , NEW Staffs , Fully SIGMetal Work , Lycanus , +15 Visual Weap , NO Lag, NO Bugs , No Hackers - Custom Anticheat , 24/7 Uptime, Join Us N0W!

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VIP-CO new server assessinos de oriente v5720


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Jocuri - Jocuri Gratis Online iti ofera cele mai noi si mai bune jocuri online grupate pe categorii de interese, jocuri amuzante, jocuri barbie, jocuri pentru copii, jocuri, jocuri sport, jocuri aventura etc

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X- Treme MU Online PvP

Exp10000x , Skill10000x , Craft10000x , Free Premium , Reset 10rr MAX , TG , ALL Cabal Costumes , NEW Items , NEW Skills , NEW Map Porta Inferno , NEW Staffs , Fully SIGMetal Work , Lycanus , +15 Visual Weap , NO Lag, NO Bugs , No Hackers - Custom Anticheat , 24/7 Uptime, Join Us N0W!

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Shaiya Emerald New EP 5.4 Server

Shaiya Emerald new EP 5.4 PvP /PvE server , farming , up to 60-80% free in item mall , grinding up to level 70 , active staff and friendly, and daily events so come here at us we are waiting you !

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[+12][Ninjas][Steeds][2Reborn][24/7][Random drop] [5165] And Much More So join now and hurry cause the next 5 people to join will get entered in a draw 2 people will become pm if winners

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200x exp | 200x skill exp | 50x craft exp | Premium accounts for all players | LONG TERM SERVER!!! | Online 24/7 | Crafting 100% working | Great community |

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SRO Death Line

RATE: Level cap : 120 Skill cap : 110 Exp : x 75 Skill : x 75 Drop: x 200 (event) Gold : x 200 (event) SoX : x 150 (event)

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Helbreath Online v1.0 24/7 Host

Welcome To Helbreath Online v1.0 // Max Lvl 200 // Max Stats 200 // Ek x 10 // Trade Ek System // Anti-###s // Exp Good // Drop Good// Angel`s Upgrade // Server Up 24/7 SERVER ONLINE.!!

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servidor latino , todas las profeciones disponibles , sistema de chi y jiang hu funcinales , muchos eventos pk , guerra de clanes , drop de 10k cps , NPC de donación , carrera de caballo y mas , es con HAMACHI.

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Helbreath Moonlight

Introducing 3 classes, 9 subclasses (warlord, hunter, juggernaut, elementalist, warlock, holy, paladin, shaman, enchanter) Which one fits your game style? Stable server, Max level 250, Medium experience, 15 new events. & more.

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Max Level: 475 | Stats: 700 | Ek.Adjust x10 | Exp High | Primary Drop Hight | Rare Drop Mediun | New System Ek's Title | New Magics | New NPC, Weapon & Armor | Trade Ek's |

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Counter-Strike 1.6 Kits

Download New Counter-Strike 1.6 Update 2013 over 20 Kits,Download the latest kit of counter-strike 1.6, here you will find the latest and most interesting kits of cs 1.6, the most populous shooter counter-strike 1.6

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episodio 6.3 99% free contamos con un sistema de pago en el cual pagamos dolares a los players que logran llegar al rango maximo , contamos con cosas unicas del servidor y mucha originalidad,un staff amigable y las 24 horas conectada

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Have you always wished to relive the hundred years war, does hunting witches sound like fun or are you strong enough to pull excalibur from its stone? Join us now and fight alongside King Arthur, challenge knights by taking part in exciting games and prove your bravery.

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Shaiya Aurora (Reborn)

Episode 4.5 with the addition of 6.3 60 level Costumes and pets X50 kills PvP reward DP for each kill DP in drop Every week reward for top PvP players Referral system New reroll system

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Cabal Legacy of Darkness +15 Set Bunos

Cabal Legacy of Darkness +15 Set Bunos Start with lvl 45 + new items + event's + more else if u enjoy us today!

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Shaiya Fenix GO

Olá Shaiyano venho Apresento Shaiya Fênix GO, um servidor brasileiro totalmente gratuito, rodando em sua versão mais estável. Nosso principal objetivo é proporcionar aos jogadores diversão. » Episódio 6.5 » Kill Ate 10.000.000 » Kill x50 / x100 ou x200 em Evento » 99% Free » PVP 15, 30 e 80

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RexusWoW 255 instant

This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US .This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US .This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US .

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Dinos-Metin2 PVM EASY

Server nou aparut de cateva zile cu modul pvm easy , contine sistemele ( noapte si zi , autopickup automat , switchbot , wikipedia , mantie automata) si multe altele ! Va asteptam pe server in numar cat mai mare!

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ConQuerX Classic Server

[Classic Server][Max +9][Max level 135][Mall][No OP Donations][Classic Interface][No Battlepower][No Talismans][No New Classes][No Ranks][Normal-High rates][Start Fresh][1 year old]

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Shaiya Crysis

[New Pvp Server] [Episode 5.4] [x500 Exp] [High enchance rate 99%] [Free Item mall] [Custom Drop x80] Come Join Us!!!

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Multiplayer Hacks Cheats

The best cheats and scripts to counter strike game. Wallhack, aimbot, speedhack, esp, ogc and more.

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World Conquer Version 5525

Server Conquer^Version 5525^No Rollback^No Bugs^No Maintenance^CPs drop bag rondom^CPs drop TC/BI 200^Boss Map^JoinUS^

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World of Chaos Minecraft

Hi All!!! This is our new 24/7 online Minecraft Server, we call WoC (World of Chaos). We are finishing the latests Events and Features, but is completely online and operative. As a good Server we speck many languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Little French and Catalan, allow to everybody who want to join as.

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Chaos KnightOnline

ChaosKO is a PK/lvling ###, max level is 85, all skills are working. There are +200 users online. LAG FREE. There are a lot of very nice events. Dungeons for level 80/83/85. We have custom weapons. Friendly Gms , big community.

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Helbreath Game Official 2014

:Bienvenido A : ..Helbreath GAME v2.1.. :Server Information: ►::Max Level: 200 ►Max Stats: 200 ►Drop: Alto ►Ek: x10 ►Crusade Ek: x20 ►HappyHour Ek: x40 ►Fury Day Ek: x100 ►Drop Rate: High ►Exp: High

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Shaiya Vikings Ep5

Instant Lv 15 / 30 / 70 No debuf,Hp edit,Lapis Lv7 max, Lapis on more stat from Rewards PvP ranking, You can Level too from lv1 with you UM and 150 stat reward for it and more Skill point

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RealShaiya - OS-Like Episode 4.5 Server!

100% Episode 4.5 - EXP-Rate x2 - Bei Events x10 Alle nötigen 30 Tage Items kostenlos APs pro LevelUp - AP-Gutscheine Max. Lapis Stufe 7 (Keine Debuffs und Absorbationslapis) OI 24/7 offen GRB Samstags 18 Uhr

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Shaiya Darkness Of Glory

Ep 5.4 Español , Max Lvl , 70 Mascotas y Trajes , 95% Farm , Staff Activo las 24 hora, Interface Personalizada , Mapas nuevos , Bosses nuevos , Quest Personalizadas , Oro Valorizado , Leveo Facil , Pvp Activo , Set Bienvenida , Brebajes Especiales

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Oldlegend Online

Oldlegend was founded in 2015 and had lot of good and hard times making one of the top servers . Now you might ask yourself "why should i join ?" , you should join because we learned a lot from our mistakes ( buggy sistem , unstable ,laggy ) but now we created a server with no bugs $ lag for you to have fun playing .

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Shaiya Heroes

[Ep5.3 Customized], [High Rate Xp], [97 percent item mall items can be obtained in game], 70 gears and weaps. Pvp and pve active, server with active staff, events and promotions :) The best place to become a Hero

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Free Shaiya EP6 Server

- Best PvP server you will find around, Free gears/Lapis/Accessories/Weapons ETC, 98% free. [ Donation accepted ] Equaled power between Donators and Non-Donators. Max lapis lv 11 [ 150 status ], No debuffs, Active staff and Lots of players and Custom made maps Such as Apulune2/Deep Desert3/Robot Map [ Iron Invasion ]

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