Shaiya Beginning

Welcome to Shaiya Beginning. Our devoted team brings you a brand new Episode 4 server created and designed with the intention of providing a fun and fair server for all to enjoy. Shaiya Beginning boasts no lapisia except for aesthetics (weapons only, no stats given), limited nostrums and max lapis level 6 to encourage even playing field in PvP.

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Dragonica Shiva

If you have already played in Dragonica you may know how it's boring grind f7 for level ups. You will not be bored here, because we are developing a new system exp. You'll get additional exp in mission maps and so you'll forget about the boring grind. Rate: x5 Exp x5 Drop x5 Gold

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L2Custom PVP Custom server

Custom server with custom items dynasty/apella/vesper/l2gold weapons/custom masks/forever weapons and etc. Game start from 80lvl so you dont need to level up and u get free a grade items. Hero every 5 days. Easy farm, just pvp.

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Shaiya destruction

*Tudo Personalizado Especialmente para você, Montarias, Fantasias, Pets, Asas, Armas e Sets Exclusivos! *TUDO 100% Dropavel!! Drop de Aps 100% e venda de itens no item mall. *Episodio 7 com PVP boladão LV90 todos os dias para você!!! *Eventos Especiais Kill X150, 200, 250...

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Shaiya Fightclub

-Wir Sind ein Ep 5.3 mit Ep.6 Inhalten -Max Level 90 -Max R?ssis Level 90 -Keine Debuffs Lapis -Sonder Lapis -Komplett Deutsch -30 Tage Runen, XP-Steine, Inventarschutz, Rep-Hammer, Teleport Runen und mehr kostenlos.

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Shaiya Evasion server

Evasion is an EP6 server. XP x1000, Kill x2, Level max 80. French/English translation for the website and the client. More infos at /////////// Evasion est un serveur Ep6. XP x1000, Killx2, Level max 80. Traduction francaise/anglaise pour le site et le client. Plus d'informations sur

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Unstable CO | Old School 5065 Server

NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate/DWar - 5065 Patch - 130 Max - 2nd Reborn - High Performance US Server - Play to Win - Classic Style - Grind Hard - Server is a test server for C# experimentation and learning, probably will remain 5065 indefinitely.

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Serenity-WoW - Instant 90 PvP

[Instant 90 PvP][1v1 Arenas][2v2 and 3v3 Skirmishes][No P2W][No Lag][English Community][PvP Rewards][Events][PvP Tokens][Class Balance][New Server][Active Development][Open Beta]

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Eternal Wars

Well Established Game with Astonishing Entertainment. Gain over 5,000,000 levels, defeat monstrous creatures and beasts for gold and item drops, buy new weaponry and armor, chat, do quests, and trade with other friendly online players, become God and Much more!

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Shaiya Future Battle

Shaiya Future Battle, Our server is instant, Our Kill rate is 2x and with battlefield runes x4, We Offer all zone pvp 15,30,70. We also have Cross faction Whisper,Inspect and trade. We offer over 20 sets and custom stats. We have unique drops, active staff and speed enchanter and rerolll!

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Project-Zenith, 3.3.5a

A developer-lead Private Server Community featuring realm: The League [3.3.5a, Blizzlike, Leagues, PvP, PvE, Twink, Dynamic Progression, Role Play, Custom Events]

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Shaiya Games - Best Shaiya Community

Shaiya Games provides best Shaiya Servers. With our best experience on developments and administrations, you surely play and enjoy Shaiya in safe. Come and take a look, Our community is waiting you!

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Shaiya Wonder Ep4

Ep 4.5- Instant level (60)- PvP server- Low farm- Custom Gears through Custom Rune- Max Lapis Level 6- Debuffs- Custom Bosses- Old School Skills. DO YOU FEEL UBER? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING? JOIN NOW

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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Freeshard

UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] [ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 4 years! Over 250+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community

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Dedicated Server, Running on Linux. Legion inspired Wrath of the Lich King Server, running on the latest revision of Trinitycore with heavy modifications. Well optimized Haste Patch. Transmogs models up to the 7.1.5 Legion Patch. World Quests. Customized Professions.Custom Automated Looting System. Diablo 3 Armor System. Artifact System inspired by Legion. Challange Mode Instances. Group and Solo Content. Over 20 000 Custom Items.

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Shaiya Lotus EP 4.5

Basado en el Episodio 45,Lvl Max 60,Equipamiento inciante gratuito,NPCs personalizados en Mercado Negro,NPC movil desde la barra de Opciones,No utilizamos Alas ni MascotasSistema de GM Recreacion y Encanto,Eventos semanales,Equipo de Administracion y Moderacion activo,Actualizaciones constantes

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EG Shaiya EP8 -

[EG Shaiya Episode 8.1+] [XP Rate x50 Double on Weekends] [Easier Rare Drops for easier Grind] [Fully Updated: power pets, power costumes, latest skills, latest bosses, Quests for Wings] [Free Rewards: Vote For Us, Refeer System, Spin-It Wheel -Up to, get all your essensials FREE] [Active and Friendly Staff] [Come and join us today]

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Cabal Glory of War

Play to win Max level 210 [up to 250] Free beginer set +13 Free point 2000 T-Point system [Available] Custom map and dungeon eCoins system from playtime Starting level 110 and Trancender Class Protected by mShield Real time DDOS protection Maps up to Senillinea Many more

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Scarlet - Private Server

Free Cookies, High Rates, Bot Allowed, Multi Client, Cap 120, China + Europe, 13 Degree, Uniques Hunt, Vote4Cake, Job Activity, Instant Support, Great Community, Invite Your Friends, Have Fun

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Shaiya Zen - Ep.6

DEUTSCHER PvPvE Server! [Max Lv.80] [Ep.6] [Lapis St.8] [kein Debuff] [EXP Boost x100+] [OS Gear] [Vote 4 DP] [Sockel- und VZ Chance 99,9%] [Perfect Reroll] [Events] [aufregende Droplist] [Level Gear] [Pets] [Kostüme] [Wings] [Gold ist hochwertiger] [SSL/HTTPS] [DDoS Protected]

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Furion Mu Season 9 Ep.2

Furion Mu 24/7 super stable | 300x EXP, 65% DROP, PPL 100, | FO Items | Grand Resets | Vote Reward | Balanced PVP/Classes | Advanced Anti-Cheat | No Lag | 5 LVL Wings | Join now in our growing comunity

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Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1, New Horizons, Rates: Exp. x4, Drop x8, Gold: 200, SP: 150, Level Cap: 150. New Features, Custom content, Helpful Team, PvP System, Everyday events, New quests, new races. Join now

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Frost Dekaron - The New Adventure

Frost Dekaron A9, 12 Classes, Root server, High Rates: Exp 2000x, Drop 1000x, Upgrade 75%, Maxim Level 250, 145 Weapons, New items, Custom Maps, New Bosses, PvP Arena, Siege Working, Active staff, Regularly updates. Join now

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Epic Perfect World

Full Eclipse Expansion - The most popular international server - Over 5 years of professional development - High rates and active PvP - Nation Wars and daily events - Start with level 110 and level 150 cap - Join our great community

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Source-Road - Your place to play!

Source-Road | EU&CH | D11 | CAP 110 | 2 Silk/Hour | PCLimit | Auto Event | MAX +15 | Title Scolls | CH Balance | Botting allowed | Long Term | Active staff |

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WoW Creative

Level max 255 All blizlike items fixed for level 255. All instances opened. Custom leveling areas PvP and NO PvP. Starter Items. Leveling areas whit custom Quests. AND MORE OTHERS

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Assassins WoW Online 3.3.5a

|COMUNIDAD LATINA|~|SERVER DEDICADO|~|NO LAG|~|WOW WOTLK|~|Mid-Rate Server|~|Server Estable|~|No Lag - 24/7 Uptime|~|Mall Custom|~|Instancias Custom|~|Jefes Custom|~|Eventos|~|Staff Amigable|~|Naxx T7 & Ulduar T8 & Custom Assassins Tier|~|Ventrilo|

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We are an 99% free EP 6 server with PvP based system. - Free gears - Free lapisses - Free GM Reroll No HP / Dex / Luc bug - 5DP per kill - Max. kills 1mio. - Killboost x25

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Free Wow private servers

Free wow private servers.Join now and get your favorite server. We have a lot of featured wow servers. play world of warcraft for free on private servers.

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PlayCrystal Best MMORGP Game Ever

Based in Sweden, Lags free, Bugss free, Cap 120, Exp 200x, Item drop 20x , Gold drop 10x,Free items for new 100 registrants. Based in Sweden, Lags free, Bugss free, Cap 120, Exp 200x, Item drop 20x , Gold drop 10x,Free items for new 100 registrants.

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UO Excelsior Shard

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!

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Shaiya Fenix GO

Olá Shaiyano venho Apresento Shaiya Fênix GO, um servidor brasileiro totalmente gratuito, rodando em sua versão mais estável. Nosso principal objetivo é proporcionar aos jogadores diversão. » Episódio 6.5 » Kill Ate 10.000.000 » Kill x50 / x100 ou x200 em Evento » 99% Free » PVP 15, 30 e 80

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The best fun server!!!

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Y.H.O.O.L. - The most brutal way of playing WOW

YHOOL 1% : Permadeath (1 life) - Free For All - Instant max lvl (no leveling) - World PVP (no instanced PVP) - No soulbound items PLAY THE ROLE YOU WANT - NO RULES, LAW OF THE JUNGLE, PLAYER DRIVEN WORLD.

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Demons Online Reloaded (Standared/Extreme)

* 2 type of ###s (Standard and Extreme!) * We operate since march 2009 * Everything totally unique (daily and weekly races, Advanced Beast Invasion, Star bursters, Own PK Tournament Version) * over 100 of unique suits * over 120 unique mounts and pets!

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where to buy Aion Kinah,goldceo is the best choice

Where to buy Aion Kinah,goldceo is the best choice.We accept various payment methods. The delivery time is 5-10mintues. Also, the price is the,100%refund,24/7online.

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Oldlegend Online

Oldlegend was founded in 2015 and had lot of good and hard times making one of the top servers . Now you might ask yourself "why should i join ?" , you should join because we learned a lot from our mistakes ( buggy sistem , unstable ,laggy ) but now we created a server with no bugs $ lag for you to have fun playing .

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Shaiya Demolidor

Servidor EP4.9 com Exp 4x, repleto em novidades e totalmente em Português, Aps muito mais acessíveis. Venha se divertir com a gente e desfrute do melhor servidor privado Brasileiro.

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Fantastic X Shaiya

Hi and Welcome to our EP 4.5 Free to Play Server! 99% off the items are farm-able in game! Go ahead and sign up today and check out the website for more information!

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Manjo's Shaiya World

Manjo's Shaiya World server is waiting you. Common to play to ouer private server. Here we have EP 6, Armor & Wepon 75-79 and 80 lvl, GM enchanting Weapon and GM Recreation Armor. Farmable 99% of Item Mall. Server working without any bugs for example: MinMaps on new locations, right New Armor Icons and so on.

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Free runescape accounts We have the best stock of unused high level free runescape accounts giveaways here! that were either obtained by donations or runescape accounts for trade. Best of all, we offer these runescape accounts to you, completely free of charge!

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Mad Shaiya private server Ep.6

We Welcome You all to Mad Shaiya 2.0 which is an EP6.3 PvP/PvE Server 99% of time Online (we do maintenance 1 time at week) 100% safe Ep : 6.3+ Hp cap: NO hp cap/bug!! Exp rate : Extremely fast level (10 mobs for level 80) Kill Rate : 1x Max level : 80 Fully Functional Skills lvl 9 Totally automatic server Latest EP 6 Gears, Weapons and Bosses Drops Are Spreaded Through the Different Zones, like Canta and Proelium Custom Mad Shaiya Lapis

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Astral Shaiya: Fall Into A New Universe!

Astral Shaiya is an Ep5.4 PvP/PvE Server With Ep6-Ep7 Content! Lvl 70 Cap, x10 PvP Kills! We include: Custom Gear/Items (Now Submit Your Own Idea And See It Created!) Ep6 Minimaps, Updated/Custom Drops, Events For All Time Zones, And Most Importantly, A Good Time For Everyone! Join Astral Shaiya! Like Us On Facebook:

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CoEmu PvP Conquer Online Last Version

[Version 6000+][CPs 999mil Free][VIP 6 Free][Free stuff+12][Events online 24/24][Server no lag][New class Dragon Warrior][Server Online 24/24][Nobolity rank][Join Us]

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SecurityWoW - 3.3.5 Funserver!

Funserver Custom 255, Supports 3.3.5A, Custom Races, Cata/Mop Mounts, Custom Tier Quests T1-T22, Custom Instances With custom Items sets, Farming Zones. Events, Malls, PvP Token System,Custom Bosses, Full working battleground and Arena, Custom Daily Quests, Alots of fun events, And many.

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Faronnia Myth MU Season 3 Episode 1

The ultimate classic MU experience, Faronnia MU is back! Join us today, faronnia. A uniquely crafted adventure of epics await you here in Faronnia! Best private server in the world

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Shaiya Havoc PvP Server

Shaiya Havoc pvp server-no donations-get your starter gear in auction house and item mall-New weapons etc... a whole new experience of awesomeness.

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Joc cu Mafia 2 Multiplayer MMORPG

Play free Mafia 2 and test your wits against many other players in this comprehensive and very compelling mafia game. Your goal is to become the best Mafiosi in the world! Mafia 2 is an MMORPG text based game, multiplayer mafia game.

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Shaiya Liberty 4.5

Episode 4.5 / / Kill Rate x20 ( 30x at Events ) / / Easy Farm / / 80% Free Server // Debuff and Absorption Lapis / / Daily Naked and MM Events / / Friendly Staff ! Join Us Now !

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Silkroad Online GoPlayNetwork

Silkroad - The Origin BETA is now online... New website design is up and functioning... Server: online We are still testing some issues. Forum is not activated yet..

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