WoW-World At War 3.3.5a Custom PVP

Patch: 3.3.5a! Instant: Level 80! Free Tier 1: Custom PVP Gear! Free: PVE/Raid Gear Working: Battlegrounds! Working: Arenas! Working and scripted: Dungeons and Raids! Working: Dungeon Finder! Join and jump straight into PVP action! Invite your friends!

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The Best. We have PB. Therefore we win. The Game. Please Edit this Tazzer.

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Shaiya War of Legions

We are a 100% free server,in 30 min you can be ready for PvP, Free GM Reroll system, and easy drop to GM Links, Killcount x200, 6 different sets of your choice, DDoS Protected.

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Shaiya Bringston

Welcome to Shaiya Bringston here you will find an Experience where you never seen before we have an professional staff our staff want to help all the players of shaiya bringston so join us today and do not lose all the time we are an protected server vote for us if u want

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Teos: vosstanie t'mi

- Эпизод 5.2 с элементами 6 эпизода! - Изменены виды экипировки 60-64 и 65-69 уровней. - Рейтинг Опыта х200. - Рейтинг Убийств х1. - Активная администрация.

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Shaiya MasterMind 100% Free PvP Server! Kill Count All Time x100 Max Kill's 200.000 Free Episode 6 server with Episode custom EP6 Max Level: 90

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Kindred Realms | 3.3.5 Progressive PVE/PVP

Gradual Content Release | Progressive Blizzlike PvE/PvP | High leveling rates | Stable & Reliable Trinity Core 3.3.5 | Professionally managed and developed, lag free realms

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Come join pirates online we offer you the best gaming experience , many quests , pets , casuals , 5 classes , weekly updates and over +150 online so come join the best private server

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Soulless shaiya

Welcome to SoulLess shaiya don't be affraid to come check us out we are a lot of fun, we also have a free item mall and Active staff and x75 Exp rate during the week and x150 on the weekends. also everything is working on our Shaiya thanks for checking us out!!!NEWEST EP!!!

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Heaven WoW Custom 255 Server

WotLK 3.3.5a,Level 255,Daily fixes,Over 15M HP,Great stability,Custom instances,99% Spells working,Over,1500 custom items,Over 15 custom quests,Custom Patch,All race-class combinations,Several custom malls,Arena ### PvP gear,Battleground for level 255,Custom VIP rank for donors,Vote rewards,Donation rewards

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Season 6 Drop 70% Exp 6000x Wings Drop Gm Box BB:OFF

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Shaiya Outcast

We are an Episode 5 Server with Episode 5 skills 300x Exp Rate Lv15 legend and Lv30 goddess gear and accs for your enjoyment. Mostly free server with 70 gears and other items as PvP rewards. PvP and events in all pvp zones.All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. Feel free to check it out.

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Grand Opening! TrueRO

GRAND OPENING! Be the first to join and experience the true Ragnarok experience. All renewal features:3rd classes and skills, latest towns, dungeons, NPC. 20x/20x/5x rates.

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Sunrise PandaCore Realms


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Shaiya Ultimate Fighter Brasil Free


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Nympho-Co [Drop2000 Per Monstar]

Patch 5720-New Server-Drop2000-No Assassin-Pirate Monk Fully -so many features -Alt Gear-Free + 8 Stuff-Arena Qualifier-SubClass-Team Qualifier-TopConquer-CouplesPK-ClanWar-TopDonation-TeamPk-New Qustes-Join US Now

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WoW Fantasia Fast 100% Espanol

Servidor WoW online 100% Espanol Fast Con ADM amigables se busca GM con Experiencia es un servidor unico no encontraran otro = version 3.3.5a os esperamos!!!!

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Chronicles Eu - Best RSPS Private SERVER

Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High

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Akirus WoW PVP FUN Server

Gyere es Csatlakozz most!Szerver Info:Starter Gear:Season7,Tier9 Arena pont: Season 8 Honor: Season 8 Kiegek T10.5HC: Kreditert Instk Nyitva! Tovbbi info a weboldalunkon es a szerveren. Weboldal: Realmlist: set realmlist

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Real Mu Pre Season X [Grand Opening March 19th]

[The First Dynamic Exp Non-Reset Server][Pre Season X][Worldwide Community][Based Economy][Fair GamePlay][No Lags][No FO Items][Long Term Play][Challenging GamePlay][Balanced PvP,PvM][Spots][10/12 Pts Per Level][New Wings][New Events][New Buffs Duration][Ticket Support][Advanced Anti-Cheat]

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bright shadow top list

Bright Shadow Private Server top 100 Bright Shadow private servers,, Bright Shadow top 200, Bright Shadow top list

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Aion Online Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

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Seven Luna Plus

Seven Luna Plus, is the best Luna Plus Private Server with 1000x exp rate max. rebirth 1000x. Crystal Empire, PVP Map, etc.

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seal top list

Seal Online Private Server, top 100 Seal Online private servers, Seal Online top 200, Seal Online top list

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Ellysium - More than Just Warcraft

Instant 80, Start EQ Season 7 und Tier 9 // Guter Support, tgliche Events // Jump ### Labyrinth event und selberstellte Quests // Gut durchdachtes Erfarmsystem

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silkroad top list

Silkroad Online Private Server, top 100 Silkroad Online private servers, Silkroad Online top 200, Silk Road - SRO top list

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Creation Of Shaiya

[EP 4.5] [EXP Rate x80][Max level 60] [No Noss] [OI 24/7] [24/7 online] [No Lag] [Enchant Rate 99,9%] [Stable EP 4 Server] [Friendly Staff] [Weekly Events] [alot of updates] [Come and join for EP4 - Eternity - Gameplay Experience]

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mu top list

Mu Online Private Server, top 100 Mu Online private servers, Mu Online top 200, Mu Online top list

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rf top list

RF Online Private Server, top 100 RF Online private servers, RF Online top 200, RF Online top list

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Novo servidor PT de GTA san andreas venha jogar e muito fixe ten muitas montanhas e tens muitos comands se colocat /t vai parecer os teleports se botar /v ten carros se clicar c vc vai avuar..

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Cursed Soldiers Shaiya

Active Staff, Friendly Staff and helpfull. 80 Level Max, high exp rate. 30 day Noss. Everything drop in game. Come and have fun with us

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RF BIG 223 XTREAM Info Rate RF BIG: - LvL Max 66 - Exp Rate x8000 - Animus Rate x10000 - Drop Rate x30 - Sell Rate x100 - Quest 50 & 56 OFF - ELF di Bio Lab 2nd floor - Skill MASTER active More info:

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Shaiya Gods Of Earth

Welcome To Shaiya Gods Of Earth this is the best PvP-PvE Server we have an Great Team our team is olways online only for you free items for our players vote and get an reward massive pvp and big events will be here once again this is the best server Max lv is 85 kill x 100 join

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Destroyed-WoW #1 private server.3.3.5a and 4.3.4[ts3,bounty hunter,guildmaster,fun,great staff.Join Now

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The first Private Server Ragnarok Online who give apreciate to player with REAL MONEY! Pre Renewal - 99/70 - 150/150/80 - Unique Quest and Events - Active Community and GM's - Balanced Server - 24/7 Online

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Best Shaiya to call HOME! Dare to join and chase the real life Prize? Best place for old school and new players! Come join for new quests new events come for fun or aim to be the best force and make a name for yourself.Great Community friendly professional STAFF!Every month fair chance to win a real life prize!Item farmable or by donation!

Category: Games › Shaiya

Allods Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

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dc universe server

DC Universe Private Server, top 100 DC Universe private servers, DC Universe top 200, DCUniverse top list

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FurinexWoW Premium Server

FurinexWoW is a new Private 3.3.5a WOTLK Server, Blizzard-Like, Based on a Modified TC, with a beast server, awesome website and knowledgeable staff. Account Functions - Creation, Password Recovery, UCP, Private Messages. Character Functions - Transfers between Accounts, Race Changes, Faction Changes, Feature Changes, etc Item Shop

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dragon nest server

Dragon Nest Private Server, top 100 Dragon Nest private servers, Dragon Nest top 200, Dragon Nest top list

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TeosRu original shaiya

Full original experience rating x100 Superior percentage loss of armor and weapons 60+ adequate administration frequent game events quiz Join now The server is running constantly The server excellent protection The administration does not sell, not what that affects the game. Each player is. Test yourself, your site now.

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Grand Chase P server

Grand Chase Private Server, top 100 Grand Chase private servers, Grand Chase top 200, GrandChase top list

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Conquer Origins - Embrace the nostalgia

[Conquer Origins - 5017 Based Classic Server] [Trojan] [Warrior] [Archer] [FireTao] [WaterTao] [Low rates] [Old Compose System] [Old Jump] [Max +9] [Mining] [EU Hosted] [English Community]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

MagniFic-Co Classic

Eu Hosted Server, Version 5375, Old Interface, Old Jump, Voting/Online Points, Max Level 130, Max Plus +9, Max Reborn 1rb, Bal EXP Rates, classic Hunting Rates, Leveling Server, Lots of Events to choose from, Awesome Design Give Us Try

Category: Games › Conquer Online

LatinMu S6 EP1 Exp 9999999 Fast

LatinMu S6 EP1 Exp: 99999999x Drop:88% Blessing: ON Kundun +1+2+3+4 en shops, Eventos TODOS ACTIVOS, Items exc en shop +Semi Full, Leveleo Facil, Conseguir items a travez de creditos. Entre otras cosas mas... Que estas esperando para unirte a LatinMu. NO BORRA STATS, PUNTOS ACUMULATIVOS, 15 PUNTOS POR LEVEL.

Category: Games › MMORPG,MMO,MMOG

Xela Ragnarok Online

Easy Quest Item MvP Card Seller A to Z Card Seller Automated Events Emperium Breaker Test Full Skillall NPC RMS Headgears can be buy in NPC Healer with auto repair Instant Job Changer (No need to levelup) Kiel based 255/120 Rate 255 Max Stats 196 ASPD 150 NO Cast Adv DDOS Protected Powered by Harmony

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online

Azgard WoW Server Latino

Azgard WoW Server latino,versión 3.3.5a staff dedicado a la gestión del server y atención a jugadores . Estabilidad y funcionamiento al 100%.-Eventos,BGS Crossfaction-Transfiguraciónes-Instancias-Arenas 1c1-Mall para profesiones.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Onylith-wow 3.3.5

Instant level 55 max level 85 Custom content Vip system Worldchat Upgrade able Gear sets Epic World Chat System Support NPC Teleporter NPC Player Tools NPC Buff NPC Beatmaster NPC Transmogrifier NPC Visual NPC Character Change NPC

Category: Games › World of Warcraft


3.3.5 High rate, Start vendors, Start money, Good Community...Come n Try!

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

WoWish-Swe [3.3.5] 24/7 High Rate

Hey! Join wowish server many custom bosses taxi and tier sets, open 24/7 and are recruiting GM's Visit :) See ya

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