EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug

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German 3.3.5 Blizzlike WoW Privat Server

Sei dabei! Spiel mit uns auf unseren 4 Realms. Wir spielen ausschliesslich Blizzlike auf 3 Realms verteilt. 1 Realm ist reines Rollenspiel. Wir wünschen euch viel Spass :) Nutzung bleibt kostenlos und wird durch Werbung finanziert.

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Brasil PlayMaster

Servidor de RPG vagas de Lider

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto

Noones WoW - Level 150 Funserver

Noones WoW - Level 150 Custom Funserver. - Custom Zones, Areas, Item, Quests etc. Full Custom Funserver - Daily Events - World Bosses - Over 2000 Custom Items

Category: Games › Aion Online

Mind-WoW Fun Server

We are the best world of warcraft fun server!!! Just join us and be happy!!! We work 24/7... We have so good gm/admin staff.they all times help players and making awesome events.. good luck!!!! This server is for you!!!

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Category: Games › Counter Strike

Shaiya Spirit Ep 4.5

Free Episode 4,5 based server ALL items and SP attainable without donations - new custom 1-15 Dungeon - reworked experience rates for smooth grinding - kill rate x2

Category: Games › Shaiya

Destiny SRO 110 CAP

Destiny Silkroad 110 EXP & SP RATE:300x DROP:40x SOX DROP:40x GOLD DROP RATE:15x 7/24 Online GM Destiny Silkroad Full CLİENT LİNK = http://files.fm/u/cyryndf Full CLİENT Direct Download LİNK = http://files.fm/u/cyryndf

Category: Games › Silkroad Online

Soulless shaiya

Welcome to SoulLess shaiya don't be affraid to come check us out we are a lot of fun, we also have a free item mall and Active staff and x75 Exp rate during the week and x150 on the weekends. also everything is working on our Shaiya thanks for checking us out!!!NEWEST EP!!!

Category: Games › Shaiya

Haste Mu Exe700 edition

Experience - 5000- Item Drop - 85%- Maxim Players Per Server - 100- Servers - (Hell) (Heaven) (VIP)- Maxim Level - 400- Maxim Stats - 32767- Maxim Resets - 100- Grand Reset - Yes (100 Resets)- Guild Create Level - 150- Party Experience 5 Players - +550 (Bonus)- Custom Items - Yes- Market - Yes (Credits)(Zen)-

Category: Games › Mu Online


GermanStarlight ist ein Gta SanAndreas Realife server mit 24 Fraktione und vielen anderen Extras. ein blick darauf Lohnt sich. Ip: Ts3: GermanStarlight.cstrike.to:20450 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GermanStarlight Homepage: http://germanstarlight.de.tl

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto

Shaiya Recovery

Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen bei Shaiya Recovery ;) Wir spielen Episode 4.0 ! Max.LvL 60 EP-Boost:50x (Wochenende 100x) Verzauberungs Rate: Waffen Level max.10 Rüstung Level max.10 Special Karten und Monster von EP 7.0 Intigriert Sowie Limitierte Bonus Quest´s. Bosse und Dungeon Mäuse droppen RP (Recovery-Point´s). Erleichtertes Reisesystem da

Category: Games › Shaiya


OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1 - Server Name: OpenMu - Website : http://openmu.com/ - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/OpenMu/160104284016825?fref=ts Forum : http://forum.openmu.net/ Website : http://openmu.com/

Category: Games › Mu Online

[TitanCo] Big Challenge World epic Wars

[TitanCo][2000Cps With Auto][Full CLass][Lv145 +12 Max][Mutch Epic Wars No One See it In Any Other Faxed Skills][Arena and Team And Champion Qualifier][Its Wolrd Of War ][Elite,skill,TeamPkTQ][No Lag][TreasureBox][TQ Feature][an Usa Host]ChiSystem TQ QuizShow[Can Get Gp vip Cps frome Playing]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Clash of Azeroth

Blizzlike 8x rates, no custom content, Replicate Blizzard on Patch 3.3.5a, ICC normal+heroic working, All arenas and seasons enabled, No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime, Fully Scripted, Lag Free, Dedicated, Complete Character Customization, Vote point rewards, Active GMs, Professional developed.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Chicco's 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server

Chicco's 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch. Wir sind eine ganz neue Community und brauchen euch als unsere Spieler. Die Server werden in der Schweiz gehostet.

Category: Games › Aion Online

Panda Of Flame Suomi

Tämä On Suomen kielinen mist of pandaria serveri patch 5.1.0 6x kertaa xpeetä ja 7x Tehtävistä ja 10X kartan avaamisesta ja meillä on myös pelaajille alue jossaon tavaran myyjiä 80-90 levelisille ja paikka on pandaria alue

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

MuFreakz Server 24/7 Fresh data base refresh

MU Freakz Season 8 Episode 3 MEDIUM Rates [MIGRATION TO MU FREAKZ][XP: 100x][Drop: 50%][Max stats: 65000][Reset Level 400][Grand Reset: 100 Resets][MU Helper: Working!][Events: Full Working!][Rage Fighter: Full Working!][Friendly GMs][Uptime 24/7] Server 24/7, Join us for more rewards!

Category: Games › Mu Online


New Shaiya server /high rates/ custom gears/ lagg free / friendly Staff and a lot of events !! join in you won't get disappointed ! :D

Category: Games › Shaiya

GlobalMu Online

Server Version: 97d Beta Server Experiance: 50x Server Drop Rate: 60% Monsers HP: 60% Votes Reward:On Webshop System: On Chaos Machine Succes 70% Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Stadium lvl: 50 Point Level: 5/7 Reset Level: 400

Category: Games › Mu Online

TRayN-MU 97D-99İ

TRayN-MU Version 97D-99i Experience 1000X ItemDropPer 70% Uptime 24/7 Advanced System Security Commands : -SERVER NOT GAMEMASTER AND ADMIN! Events : - Blood Castle ( BC ) - Devil Square ( DS ) - Golden Dragon Invasion TRayN-MU© TRayN ! trayn@traynmu.com mail adres

Category: Games › Mu Online

Shaiya Reverse ep 4.5

attractive to fly-by-night players/big active community/also attractive to farming and leveling gamers/level limitation 60/lvl 6 lapis forgeable at lvl 31/EP 4.5/No Lapisia/BE READY TO JOIN ON 20th of April

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya Hermes

Episodio 6♤100% Gratis: Item mal e Drop♤Staff: Companheira♤Farm Kill: ON♤Drop ap: +50♤Servidor: Exclusivo para PvP♤GBR:ON♤Kill: x50 ativa♤evento: x175♤Ranking: 1kk♤Sistema ffa: Free for All on ♤Eventos Semanais♤ ♤Equipamento azul free♤ ♤Fantasia especiais +40 e +30♤Asas +25♤Elemento +15free♤PVP15 E 80

Category: Games › Shaiya


3.3.5a based server. Instant level 80. Ton of custom content including quests, gear, dungeons, events. Beginning gear. Mall. Friendly and helpful staff. Join us today.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Free Shaiya PvP Server

Episode 5.0 Level 15-30-80 [Easy=15] [Normal=30] [Hard=80] [Ultimate=80] Max kill is 500.000 The kill rate is x 125 [More when there is events] The staff is active and is here for help our players We have daily event and custom event like [Altar-Event] [Battle-Event] [Monster-Madness] Normal Stats with HP < 65000

Category: Games › Shaiya


You are allowed to use up to 350 characters. We recommend that you write at least 200 of them. Delete this text.You are allowed to use up to 350 characters. We recommend that you write at least 200 of them. Delete this text.You are allowed to

Category: Games › Shaiya

MU - Order by addicted2

Season 3 Costum, LowXP, Drop 60%, GameGuard ON, no BUGS, 2 NEW Jewels,Lvl 4 Wings, Client side clicker press F10, Costum Items, Costum ancients, Costum NPCs, 2 Quest NPCs, Costum Events, Grand reset, NO agility bugs, Costum commands, webshop, cash shop

Category: Games › Mu Online

Shaiya Outcast

We are an Episode 5 Server with Episode 5 skills 300x Exp Rate Lv15 legend and Lv30 goddess gear and accs for your enjoyment. Mostly free server with 70 gears and other items as PvP rewards. PvP and events in all pvp zones.All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. Feel free to check it out.

Category: Games › Shaiya

Exile FlyFF Private server - Free to Play MMORPG

We are a custom FlyFF server with a really nice balanced gameplay. We invite you to play our server and test our amazing features. Visit the website for more information about the systems we have and the many other great things we can offer you.

Category: Games › Flyff Online

Cryptic WoW FUN 255

Cryptic WoW FUN Fully Custom ! Max level 255 Level Road / Donation Vote Gear And Much More !!!!! German/englisch Server :D Joint Toady and Earn GIFS !!! Server is online 24/7 H

Category: Games › World of Warcraft


Season 6 Drop 70% Exp 6000x Wings Drop Gm Box BB:OFF

Category: Games › Mu Online


Savana Counter Strike Community http://savana.ax.lt Our servers : savana.suka.se:27015 [24/] - CSDM savana.69.mu:27015 [Free30LVL] - SuperHero Mod vote for our servers and join our clan . Thank you ! :)

Category: Games › Counter Strike

Xela Ragnarok Online

Easy Quest Item MvP Card Seller A to Z Card Seller Automated Events Emperium Breaker Test Full Skillall NPC RMS Headgears can be buy in NPC Healer with auto repair Instant Job Changer (No need to levelup) Kiel based 255/120 Rate 255 Max Stats 196 ASPD 150 NO Cast Adv DDOS Protected Powered by Harmony

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online

Remedy WoW 4.3.4 Flawless PvP

[Instant 85] [Patch 4.3.4] [Competitive/Flawless PvP] [Blizzlike PvE] [Arena Spectator NPC] [Weapon Enchant Transmogs] [Custom Transmog] [Custom Mounts]Stable and bug-free Cataclysm Realm with active Development and Support Team

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

AllodsNE - www.alodsonline.com

Allodsne - AllodsOnline 4.0.2 Server - Daiily free 100 Kri - A lot of free items and bonus - Instatn lvl 55 - No need to word mystery - All Free - www.allodsne.com

Category: Games › Allods Online

Special Perfect Wolrd

Version 1.4.5 EXP: x1500 SP: x1500 Coin: x1500 Drop: x1500 Friendly GMs no Donations mostly cash shop works with voting and gives lot cubi join the fun pvp server!

Category: Games › Perfect World

Chiccos 3.3.5A WoW Server Blizzlike

Spiel mit uns auf unserem WoW Server :) Wir bieten euch einen standartmässigen WoW Server ohne viel schnick schnack. Only Just4Fun. Wir wünschen euch nun ganz viel Spass und freuen uns auf eure registrierung :)

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Magico-Co Drop 10.000 Cps V6172

[Version 6172][Bosses in all maps with great rewards][10000 Drop Cps] New Epic weapons , Anti Cheat System ,Extra Attack Honor Fixed,Chi Fixed , Hours - Daily and weekly events, Elite Pk Tournament,Donation PkWar,DevilPk war, Come and find out yourself--

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Cho Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal - Rates: 25x/25x/15x - Max Level: 99/70 - Stable and Balance Server - Active and Friendly GMs - No Over Power Items - More Quest and Events to make you feel perfect adventure!

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online


Good server for you and your friend!

Category: Games › Mu Online


RF BIG 223 XTREAM Info Rate RF BIG: - LvL Max 66 - Exp Rate x8000 - Animus Rate x10000 - Drop Rate x30 - Sell Rate x100 - Quest 50 & 56 OFF - ELF di Bio Lab 2nd floor - Skill MASTER active More info: RFBIG.com

Category: Games › RF Online


3.3.5 High rate, Start vendors, Start money, Good Community...Come n Try!

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Conquer Origins - Embrace the nostalgia

[Conquer Origins - 5017 Based Classic Server] [Trojan] [Warrior] [Archer] [FireTao] [WaterTao] [Low rates] [Old Compose System] [Old Jump] [Max +9] [Mining] [EU Hosted] [English Community]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

RomeMu - World of Gladiators

Seazon 6 Episode 2 ,Server Online 24/7 , EXP 6000 ,Drop 100% , Grand Reset , Nice Events , Romania Data Server.Join Us

Category: Games › Mu Online

Onylith-wow 3.3.5

Instant level 55 max level 85 Custom content Vip system Worldchat Upgrade able Gear sets Epic World Chat System Support NPC Teleporter NPC Player Tools NPC Buff NPC Beatmaster NPC Transmogrifier NPC Visual NPC Character Change NPC

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Ascension-WoW - Afterlife 3.3.5a PVE|PVP

[Instant 80 PVE/PVP Realm] [Custom GM Realm, Balanced Commands/Spells/Controlls] [New server with unique Ideas, with experienced staff from servers that brought you WoW-Pwnage, Dispersion, Zypher, We bring you, Ascension] [Client version 3.3.5a] [Customly Core by ex trinitycore devs]

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

HonorHold Blizzlike 2.4.3

2.4.3 Burning Crusade blizzlike realm ### Leveling rates x1 ### All raid and instances full scripted ### All spells and talents working ### Arenas and Battlegrounds working ### Join today

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

the west game, wild, free, download

the west game, wild, download, free, help, ###, items, skills, games, online, play

Category: Games › RF Online

Legend of Yggdrasil Ragnarok

Classic Server | Start from Eps. 5 continue Update | Max Level 99/50 | Rates 3x/3x/5x | 2nd Job Only | Old Items Database | Old Classic Job Changes | Channel System | Growing Community & Ton of Features.

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online

[HUN] BrewFest PVP WoW 3.3.5

- EGYEDI FULL S9 Set!!! -Start--) LVL 80 -Storwind tele vendorral!! -Arena,Honorert Legendary-k,kulnfele SET-ek -Orgrimmar tele vandorral!! -Battleground-ok -Full NPC Teleporter -Jumping Event -Happy Island -Bugok Folyamatos Javtsa -No Lagg -No DC -Egyedi Arenk, Stormwind el####337;tt Pet Park, Duel Place!!!

Category: Games › World of Warcraft