Legend of Yggdrasil Ragnarok

Classic Server | Start from Eps. 5 continue Update | Max Level 99/50 | Rates 3x/3x/5x | 2nd Job Only | Old Items Database | Old Classic Job Changes | Channel System | Growing Community & Ton of Features.

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Guild Wars - Rice for honor

Brand new server , Latest updates , no bugs , 24/7 dedicated server , Rates 700/650/500 and lot more . Join us Now !

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RomeMu - World of Gladiators

Seazon 6 Episode 2 ,Server Online 24/7 , EXP 6000 ,Drop 100% , Grand Reset , Nice Events , Romania Data Server.Join Us

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[SIGHT-MU] Grand Opening - 2017/08/23 18:00 (UTC +2) Se

Basic Server information: Version: Season IX Experience: x50 - DYNAMIC Master experience: x25 Drop: 40% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 330 Points per level: 5/7/7 Master points per level: 1 Min Monster level for MLexp: 85 Maximum stat: 32767

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WykopMu S2 x300, Old School Experience

Old-school and well balanced server established by Wykop community. Expect friendly administration, lots of events, custom set exchange system, reworked monster stats, drop and spots. Fun starts in 2nd March, don't miss it!

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Remedy WoW 4.3.4 Flawless PvP

[Instant 85] [Patch 4.3.4] [Competitive/Flawless PvP] [Blizzlike PvE] [Arena Spectator NPC] [Weapon Enchant Transmogs] [Custom Transmog] [Custom Mounts]Stable and bug-free Cataclysm Realm with active Development and Support Team

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free games solitaire

Find all the Po###r Free Solitaire Games here at Fexi Pyramid Solitaire, Classic Solitaire, Zombie Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Castle Solitaire and so much more

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WoW Fantasia Fast 100% Espanol

Servidor WoW online 100% Espanol Fast Con ADM amigables se busca GM con Experiencia es un servidor unico no encontraran otro = version 3.3.5a os esperamos!!!!

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FancyMu eX702|PvP|Exp 30x|Drop 25%

Version ex702|Exp 30x|Master exp 5x|Max master level 302|Max Level 400|+250 points per reset|neat forum|Referral System|Fully working Events|Mini spots

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Shaiya Zodiac Episode 4.5

Shaiya Zodiac Episode: 4.5 PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, EXP Rate: x50/x100 Weekends,KILL Rate: x1,3PvP Areas: 15, 30 and 60,Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 100%,Shaiya Points(SP)can be obtained in-game,Shared Raids System,DDoS Protected Server

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AllodsNE - www.alodsonline.com

Allodsne - AllodsOnline 4.0.2 Server - Daiily free 100 Kri - A lot of free items and bonus - Instatn lvl 55 - No need to word mystery - All Free - www.allodsne.com

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Nevareth Cabal Romania

Server creat de catre Elder, fondatorul primului server de cabal romanesc, CAOR din 2008. Low Rate | Season Concept | Abandoned City | Request Craft | Legend Arena and many more

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Shaiya World at War

Shaiya World at War: Episode 5.4 Max Level: 70 EXP Rate: instant level KILL Rate: x1 Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 100%. Lapis: Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv2. Items: NO Custom Items, NO Knockout Nostrum, Ending Equipments Lv70. Free Ending Gears

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Full Season II 0 BUGS Download Client: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/88245652/CIBERMU_Installer.exe Kanturu Event Crywolf Event Season II Monsters Season II Maps ->Aida ->Crywolf ->Kanturu Season II Items and many more featuring

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[HUN] BrewFest PVP WoW 3.3.5

- EGYEDI FULL S9 Set!!! -Start--) LVL 80 -Storwind tele vendorral!! -Arena,Honorert Legendary-k,kulönfele SET-ek -Orgrimmar tele vandorral!! -Battleground-ok -Full NPC Teleporter -Jumping Event -Happy Island -Bugok Folyamatos Javítása -No Lagg -No DC -Egyedi Arenák, Stormwind el####337;tt Pet Park, Duel Place!!!

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Shaiya Queens Full PVP

Custom Interface 100% Free Server, all can be Drop in Game No Donation needed! Lapis lv 8 and special among others x80 Kill, on Weekend x100 Weekly Events/Naked PVP Active Staff Lapisia, Enchants, Operators Exclusive, Lapis, Armor, Weapons, Skins and Accessories Free in Item Mall and more!

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Play For Fun EXCLUS !!!

Decouvrez Play For Fun ! Serveur unique en son genre ! Decouvrez plein de nouveautees, et ajout unique en terme de système ! Vous devez decouvrir ce serveur, sinon vous allez passer a cote de quelquechose !

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OneWorld 3.3.5 Level 1 twink Funserver

* Level 1 twink Funserver * Custom Raids * Custom Sets * Custom Weapons * Custom Quests * Start with Retail BIS Gear and enchants! * Instances For level 1! * Voting System *

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Grand Theft Auto - myVictory Roleplay

Guten Tag leute, wir möchten euch auf unseren neuen Server begrußen. Ihr habt lust richtig Roleplay zu spielen? dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Good day people, we would like to welcome you to our new server. You have to play really pleasurable Roleplay? then exactly since her right here!

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Argonath Shaiya Test

This is a one-time test for the Argonath Shaiya server's voting system to make sure it works properly! Please understand that this is only a test, and will be allowed to expire on its own once the test is completed.

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Un server foarte placut, avem un staf matur, avem admini online 24/24, 7zile din 7 , codatii nu au nici o sansa pe serverul asta, incercati nu aveti nimic de pierdut!!!

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tower defence games

Classic Games, Physics Games, Puzzle Games, Shooting Games, Sport Games, Strategy Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Basketball Games, Adventure Games

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TeosRu original shaiya

Full original experience rating x100 Superior percentage loss of armor and weapons 60+ adequate administration frequent game events quiz Join now The server is running constantly The server excellent protection The administration does not sell, not what that affects the game. Each player is. Test yourself, your site now.

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Elion Online S6Content 3x Custom Client

Elion Online is a fully re-created Game Client and Server with grafic improvement, better performance, HD resolution and shadows,Exp3x Drop35%, Servers in Europe and South America,Big Opening TODAY 10PM UTC Time--- 7PM Horario de Argentina.

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Shaiya War of Knights is a PvP server. Max level is 90. Growing community, Come Join Us And Be The Best Knight ;) ... See You There Soon WOK

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come join if u got what it takes

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Chiccos 3.3.5A WoW Server Blizzlike

Spiel mit uns auf unserem WoW Server :) Wir bieten euch einen standartmässigen WoW Server ohne viel schnick schnack. Only Just4Fun. Wir wünschen euch nun ganz viel Spass und freuen uns auf eure registrierung :)

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Project Nemesis! 3.3.5 FFAPVP Zombie Server in Phase 1! Custom Weapons, Armor, NPC's BOSSES, and Storyline. New Content is being released periodically.

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Magico-Co Drop 10.000 Cps V6172

[Version 6172][Bosses in all maps with great rewards][10000 Drop Cps] New Epic weapons , Anti Cheat System ,Extra Attack Honor Fixed,Chi Fixed , Hours - Daily and weekly events, Elite Pk Tournament,Donation PkWar,DevilPk war, Come and find out yourself--

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Welcome To Ages of Shaiya We got 15/30/60/70 PvP. Free Gear in Item Mall!. Instant 70/60/30/15. Very Active Staff!! 22Hr A Day. 99% Uptime. Balanced PvP. We Are Ages Of Shaiya

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Cho Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal - Rates: 25x/25x/15x - Max Level: 99/70 - Stable and Balance Server - Active and Friendly GMs - No Over Power Items - More Quest and Events to make you feel perfect adventure!

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You are allowed to use up to 350 characters. We recommend that you write at least 200 of them. Delete this text.You are allowed to use up to 350 characters. We recommend that you write at least 200 of them. Delete this text.You are allowed to

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Conquer Origins - Embrace the nostalgia

[Conquer Origins - 5017 Based Classic Server] [Trojan] [Warrior] [Archer] [FireTao] [WaterTao] [Low rates] [Old Compose System] [Old Jump] [Max +9] [Mining] [EU Hosted] [English Community]

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Increible-Custom Server Inst80 PVP

Incredible-Custom Server Inst80, Shop en Tanaris ambas fracciones Zona Neutral Anti-PVP, Promocion de Item de Eventos Regalando en Shop, BG ACTIVOS. Y MAS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILqneFooJKs

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Health limit is 6/8 milions. Server is instant 80.

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Street Crime - Free Gangster Game MMORPG

Street Crime is a absolutely free massively multiplayer online gangster mmorpg game. In a dark struggle for power on the streets, immerse yourself in a hugely entertaining free mmorpg

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Destiny Shaiya

Ep4 PvP server, Exp rate 45x (60x weekends), UM = 13 stat points per level, HM = 11, Custom Bosses, Lapis, Accessories. Capes, and much More!

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Azgard WoW Server Latino

Azgard WoW Server latino,versión 3.3.5a staff dedicado a la gestión del server y atención a jugadores . Estabilidad y funcionamiento al 100%.-Eventos,BGS Crossfaction-Transfiguraciónes-Instancias-Arenas 1c1-Mall para profesiones.

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[Version: Season 6 Episode 3] [Experience Rate: 9999x] [Drop Rate: 100%] [Jewel Success Rate: 100%] [Chaos Mix: 100%] [Points Per Level: 50/70] [Max Stats: 65k] [In Shops: All Jewels, Skills/Orbs/Scrolls, Quest items, Wings, Excellent Items for every class.]

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Mu Marshall

Mu Marshall Server Fast. 99 | 1.2 | S6 server's Select your destiny and enjoy it!!!

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Unforgiven Angels | Classic, TBC, WOTLK

World Of Warcraft: Classic, Version 1.12.1, Build 5875 | World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Version 2.4.3, Build 8606 | World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King, Version 3.3.5 Build 12340

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Aion Online Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

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Customized Maps, Episode Six Weapons, Episode Six Sets, Episode Six Monsters, Episode Six Mounts, Customized Skills, Personal Sets For Players, Balanced PvP All Around, No Nostrums, No Enchants. Many Events, A Place Everyone Will Wanna Be, Great Staff, Instant Level, 15, 30, 75, 80 Instant Leveling, flying mounts JOIN US

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GermanStarlight ist ein Gta SanAndreas Realife server mit 24 Fraktione und vielen anderen Extras. ein blick darauf Lohnt sich. Ip: Ts3: GermanStarlight.cstrike.to:20450 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GermanStarlight Homepage: http://germanstarlight.de.tl

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto


Best Shaiya PVP server most free items nice admins good players fast lvl up JOIN AND PLAY NOW!

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Real Mu Pre Season X [Grand Opening March 19th]

[The First Dynamic Exp Non-Reset Server][Pre Season X][Worldwide Community][Based Economy][Fair GamePlay][No Lags][No FO Items][Long Term Play][Challenging GamePlay][Balanced PvP,PvM][Spots][10/12 Pts Per Level][New Wings][New Events][New Buffs Duration][Ticket Support][Advanced Anti-Cheat]

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Category: Games › Counter Strike

Shaiya Apocalypse

Shaiya Apocalypse episode 4.5 / news weapons Apocalypse / news accessory Apocalypse / news Cape Apocalypse / news account 15 000 donnate point offert / staff active / server English / link rate 50 all lapis / kill X 5 / exp X 900 / all item drop in games

Category: Games › Shaiya

Epic-Gaming x25 Blizzlike

Epic-gaming 3.3.5 is a unique blizzlike server with x25 rates! U start with full heirloom All raids and instances works! ICC is scripted to 11/12 ( not gunship )All spells and quests works 97%!. There is teleports to all places. This server is on 100 MBPS internet. The server is 24/7 and there is no lag at all!

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70 Level Cap] [Tier 7 to Tier 12] [20000+ Custom Items] [Amazing Custom and scripted Instances] [Balanced Classes] [Custom Quests] [Custom Bosses] [Working BG and Arena] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall] [Custom Mall] [Custom PVE and PVP items][Custom Commands] [Custom Events] [Crossfaction BG]

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