Shaiya Desire Episode 5

Episode 5 Official, PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv6, EXP Rate x50(Only in week x70), KILL Rate x2, No Custom Items, Ending equipments Lv69, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Day's CRR, PID, EE ! Join US Today!

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MMORPG warofhell

MMORPG free online game Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

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Shaiya Diverge Ep 5

Episode: 5 (Max Level 70) 4PvP Areas: 15,30,60,70 EXP Rate: x50 KILL Rate: x1 Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 50%. Lapis: Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv1 & Lv2, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv1 & Lv2, Debuff Lapis Lv6, Absorption Lapis Lv5 & Lv6.

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Shaiya Chaos Episode 5

[Episode 5] [PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting] [Max Level 70] [Max Lapis Lv6] [EXP Rate x20] [KILL Rate x2] [No Custom Items] [Ending equipments Lv69] [No Knockout Nostrum] [FREE 30 Day's CRR, PID, EE] [Shaiya Points can be obtained through Vote, PvP Rewards and In-Game] Come and check us!

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OpenMu 9999999x |F.O. Items with Start

HOT!! F.O. Items with Start |F.O. Items in SHOP |65535 max stats! |Season III Ep I |PPL: 20/30| NO LAG !|MAX DROP| BOXES+1+2+3+4+5+6, Wings+1+2+3 In Shop | MaxLevel=999 | Full Spawns | Start points 250 to all!|Anti Cheat System| Grand Reset System

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Mshaiya Episode EP 5,4

MShaiya is an EP 5.4 DDoS Protected server with active and dedicated Staff. The server is exploit-patched with no lag. Friendly community, Events, PvP Focus, x200XP, x1 Kill, Maximum level of 80, cross-faction trading, no debuffs, Level up, get gold,get rr runes for orange stats = your ready for pvp. it's that simple

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Spectral Shaiya

Custom PvP Server + Episode 4 + Brand New ! + Level 60 + Low Stat Server + Kill Rate x1 + Custom Skills + Free Starter Set For + Shared Raid Kills + Many Free Items + Free GM Rolls + PvP Rewards + Monthly Event Calendar + Lv7 Max Lapis + No GM Links

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Reopening of Prototype server!!

Hello guys, Reopening of Prototype server!! You like challenges? Join us and discover this mysterious world! Autrefois, Shaiya Prototype était un monde merveilleux, rempli d'endroits tous les uns plus beaux que les autres.

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RebirthRO Ragnarok Online

RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server download! New renewal (3rd jobs+Rebellion+Kagerou+Oboro) server named Thor[100/100/10/2]. Two classic servers: Loki[100/100/20] and Eir[5/5/3]. 1000+ players online. 100,000+ active players. 100% secure website. Free Pokemon pets. 24/7 uptime. Active WoE and BG.

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Shaiya Arcania

Shaiya Arcania, EP 5.4 PvP Server, Final Gears in AH NPCs, Balanced Classes, Faster PVP, Gold based server economy, costumes, instant level, Battlefield Runes and much more features, check it out

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Cryptic Shaiya V2.0 - Best PVP server

Free Ep 6.3 server, instant level 80, new wings, pets, and costumes. New bosses! Linked, enchanted and rolled set available free in item mall. Great staff! Great regular events. Auto rank rewards.

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Back2Basics 2.4.3 PvE/PvP

[Char- and Guildtransfer] [2x EP-Rate] [scripted Instances with Trash-Events] [prenerf/blizzlike] [~800 Player online] [tripple Account] [active BG/Arena]

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Shaiya Civil War

Shaiya Civil War, is a mixed episode server, with mixed skins. Here you can choose your favourite gear from lv15 to 70 (All goddess with same stats) and you can use your favourite weapon because have same bonus points and can use same skills. And this is only a small part of all the incredible features that our server offer! Join us today!

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Ilaros WoW

WotLK in familiärer Atmosphäre für unaufgeregte Spieler mit Spaß am Questen, Leveln, Farmen und - Wipen ;), fraktionsübergreifende Gruppen, Raten und Instanzen blizzlike, mit interessanten Bugs, aber mit fleißigem Team - wir arbeiten daran und haben noch viel vor!

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Eternal WoW Professional Server


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DivinityMU SEASON X - Legends Awakened


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League Of Shaiya

League of Shaiya it is a free server made for players that dont want to farm months to get readdy for pvp. Join us and in few hours will be readdy to kill everything that moves in game.

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Shaiya Critical

Shaiya Critical [EP: 5.4] [Typ: PvPvE] [Kill rate: x1] [EXP rate: x300] [keine Dbuff-Lapis] [PvP-Belohnung] [Gratis-Belohnung][Shaiya-Points: vote, spenden] [Max Level: 70] [Max Lapis: Lvl 7]

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Shaiya Tyranny EP6

Episode: 6.0 (Max Level 70) Instant Lvl: 15 and 70 KILL Rate: x1 3PvP Areas: 15, 70 and other custom maps Enchant: Max Enchant is [+20] Lapis: Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv3, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv2, Items: NO Custom Items, NO Knockout Nostrum, Ending Equipments Lv70.

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Shaiya Blitzkrieg

-Episode 4.5 Dedicated Server -Instant Level - Kill x1 Event x2 -Easy Farm - Boss Hunting -No Debuff Lapis - KO Nostrum -Friendly Staff Join US!!!

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Soul of Shaiya 2017

Soul of Shaiya Episode 6, [level-max 80 with EXP rate 1000X] [Kill rate is 5X] [PvP-PvE System] [Dedicated Staff for help] [No lagg] [Many events] [DDOS Protected]. Join now

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x999999999 MasoniaMU Season X x999999999


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9999x InsertMu First Season9 FULL 9999x

InsertMU Bugless Season 9 FULL!!, 999999xp, MAXX Drop,NEW Items,Events,Features, Balanced PVP, Castle Siege, VoteReward System, Active GMs, All Boxs In Shops, Free Items, Free credits - Come and try!

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Sunset-WoW 335a Eternion-WoW/WoWWal

Sunset-WoW 335 FUNSERVER offers you: Custom haste patch, custom instances, bosses, quests, teleportation stone, vip gear and level, lot of custom items, everyday core patches, stable, instant 80, friendly staff, 24/7 The server is TRINITYCORE This is NOT running off a repack I made the repack.

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Havoc-WoW 335a Private 255 FUN

[3.3.5a][PvP/PvE][Crossfaction][Guild Wars System][Guild Housing][Guild rewards][Custom Quests][Killstreak][Transmog][Reforger][Enchanter][World Bosses][VIP system:Earn VIP by voting][MALL][Fun Leveling area][Helpful Community][Serious Staff][Hourly rewards][24/7][Periodic content release]]

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Shaiya Old

Classic Episode 4.5! EXP Rate x30, KILL Rate x1! Old Style Shaiya Grinding, Questing, Boss Hunts and PvP! No Custom Items! No Debuff Lapis! No knockout Nostrum! Check us!

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Tanaris 3.3.5a | Blackrock Cataclysm 4.3.4

335a Tanaris komplett scriptet & 4.3.4 Blackrock komplett scriptet 335a Starterpacket T8, 5 & 4.3.4 Starterpacket T11 World of Warcraft best server

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Source-Road - Your place to play!

Source-Road | EU&CH | D11 | CAP 110 | 2 Silk/Hour | PCLimit | Auto Event | MAX +15 | Title Scolls | CH Balance | Botting allowed | Long Term | Active staff |

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Willkommen bei Shaiyamania, hier koennt Ihr in die wunderbare und fantastische Welt von Shaiya eintauchen ! Was wir bieten: Max LvL 90 . 8ner Lapise mit +60 Stats . 90er Maentel . Die meisten Items sind erfarmbar auch die Endruessi .

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Shaiya Raven Ep 6.4

[Episode 6.3] [PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting] [Max Level 80] [Max Lapis Lv7] [EXP Rate x50] [KILL Rate x5] [Custom Maps, AH, FFA WC DD1, Pets and Costume] [Equipments Donate vs free- Difference OJ][Shaiya Points can be obtained through Farmin and Vote

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Shaiya Edge Episode 4.5

New Server *Shaiya Edge* [Episode 4.5], PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 60, Max Lapis Lv5, EXP Rate x50|Only in week x100|, KILL Rate x5, No Custom Items, Ending equipments Goddess, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Day's CRR, PID, EE and More! J@IN US TODAY!

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Episode 4.5, x30 EXP, x1 KILL, DDoS Protected. SHAIYA 4EVER is a Shaiya Private Server for Episode 4 Enthusiast. Experience the Grind, Boss Hunts and Massive PvP once again. THIS IS THE BEST SHAIYA EP4 EVER!

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Dedicated Server, Running on Linux. Legion inspired Wrath of the Lich King Server, running on the latest revision of Trinitycore with heavy modifications. Well optimized Haste Patch. Transmogs models up to the 7.1.5 Legion Patch. World Quests. Customized Professions.Custom Automated Looting System. Diablo 3 Armor System. Artifact System inspired by Legion. Challange Mode Instances. Group and Solo Content. Over 20 000 Custom Items.

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Eternion-Reborn WoW

Come join us with your friends at Eternion-Reborn a server made in old eternions image The server is under new management and will be better than ever with daily fixes, 24/7 uptime, lag free, and new content being added /worked on constantly

Category: Games › World of Warcraft 3.3.5 Private Server

(New Private Serve ) Highest uptime. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp and Raids all 100% working. Features:[Monthly Top Player Rewards] [Give Point With Playing] [Recruit A Friend] [Achievement / Kill / Online Rewards][New Mounts] Server Rates : experience x7 |Skills x3| Rep x3|gold x1

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x100 EXP x100 Gold x100 Drop. An active and International server. With weekly maintenance, to improve the server according to the players needs. Experience our custom content and events. For over 10+ years of experience in MMORPG development. Join the adventure!

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Deutscher EP 5 Server EXP x100 Max Level 70 Gelegentliche Events PvP Events mit Killboost Kein Donation! Netter Support Kommt rein und werde ein teil von uns :)!

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[HOT] ColdMu 50x S3EP1 Unique FUN CAME BACK !!! [HOT]

!!!FRESH DATABASE SEASON 3 Ep1 / Exp 50x / BOX+1 IN SHOPS / (HOT) Players can wear any sets from any class (HOT) , Never restarted / 24/7 / WINGS 1 In Shop, Bless Bug OFF , FREE CREDITS FOR ALL / MAX LVL 400 / PPL 5/7 - keep stats / Search Jewels /NO-LAG / SUPER FUN SERVER COME AND PLAY !!!

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Shaiya Fenix GO

Olá Shaiyano venho Apresento Shaiya Fênix GO, um servidor brasileiro totalmente gratuito, rodando em sua versão mais estável. Nosso principal objetivo é proporcionar aos jogadores diversão. » Episódio 6.5 » Kill Ate 10.000.000 » Kill x50 / x100 ou x200 em Evento » 99% Free » PVP 15, 30 e 80

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Mu S8 and SUN2 Online Private Server

Nexon MU use The one The perpect Season 8 Ep2 100% Full 100% No BUG in here. Nexon Sun2 Elf laker battle Add new profession of Mystic. server private

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Phantasy RPG server

The purpose of PhantasyRPG is to provide an interactive fantastical browser based world that can be entered from any computer with internet access. No downloads, no long waits, just a free world to emmerse into and partake in an ever expanding world as well as meet other people from around the world who identify themselves in the same demographics.

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Shaiya Desire

Welcome to Shaiya Desire MAX LVL 90 !!! We are a Ep 5.3 server with instant level A friendly and active staff Events and PvP held weekly Custom Gears and Accessories Free items in capital cities Enchantment rate of 99.9% So come and have fun

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World of Warcraft Trollandia

Vanill WoW Blizzlike server x10 exp, Friendly Staff and events! Join now! Also there is daily reawards and a lot of fun! Italian and international community will wait you! join now!

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Welcome To Tosa-Mu

Welcome Tosa-Mu, GRAND OPENING x1000, Season 12 Episode 2, Exp: x1000 DROP 50% 3D CAMERA, New Map Ferea, New monsters, New events Lord of Ferea and Knicks, Dark Angel Items, Blood Angel weapons, New Socket Items, New Pentagrams, Max Master Level 420

Category: Games › Mu Online

LMS Perfect World

151 New Horizons PvE 1000x Servers with latest content and lots of custom content Start lvl 100 with +12 gears Stable since 2008, Oldest PW server, Great community, Cubi for being online Win 100USD

Category: Games › Perfect World

Strong Wow Fun server 255 Custom Instances Custom Items

Fun Server Custom 255 --- Custom Instances With custom Items sets --- Custom Boss --- Custom pvp fight ---Alots of fun events --- Gm online 24/24 !!!

Category: Games › Aion Online

Thorium WoW WOTLK Max 255 3.3.5a

Thorium-WoW, A Professional Progressive level 255 Fun Realm, unique leveling system, active uptime, friendly staff members, daily content and fixes, transmogrification content & mounts from Cata/Mop/Wod, 12 races incl Worgens & Goblins, Custom instances, Scripted bosses and more.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Simply Shaiya EP 5.4

Episode: 5.4 (Max Level 70) EXP Rate: x300/x400 Weekends KILL Rate: x2 3PvP Areas: 15, 30 and 70 Enchant: Max Enchant is [+20] Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 50%. Lapis: Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv2, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv2, No Debuff Lapis (Toxin only)

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya destruction

*Tudo Personalizado Especialmente para você, Montarias, Fantasias, Pets, Asas, Armas e Sets Exclusivos! *TUDO 100% Dropavel!! Drop de Aps 100% e venda de itens no item mall. *Episodio 7 com PVP boladão LV90 todos os dias para você!!! *Eventos Especiais Kill X150, 200, 250...

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UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK 3.3.5a PvP

Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver! [Custom Instances][Custom events][Scripted World Bosses] [Unique-Mall][Friendly Staff][Proffesions][Xmog]

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